Mobile access to Sage CRM – enhancements to MobileX 

In June 2019, MobileX introduced new features, cementing its position as the best option to access Sage CRM from a smartphone.  These new features include: (a) remembering your password, allowing for quicker, hassle-free access, and (b) allowing you take a picture of a business card and, from that picture, creating a Sage CRM record.   The 60-second video below will walk you through these two features.

MobileX is a popular third-party solution for companies where mobility is very important.  Some of the key benefits with this option include the ability for the user to view their pipeline and the ability to upload files and photos.  And now, auto-sign on and the ability to create Sage CRM contacts from pictures of business cards. At My CRM Manager, we use MobileX and recommend it to clients requiring staff to use Sage CRM from their smartphones.  More information about your Mobile options for Sage CRM can be found on this link.

Demonstrations of MobileX can be provided upon request.

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