Sage 300 CRM

The integration with Sage 300 has been around the longest (circa 2004), and for years, Sage 300 offered the strongest integration with Sage CRM over all other Sage accounting products.  Even so, in 2019 Sage released an even better integration that leverages Sage 300’s web-screens within Sage CRM.  Now users within Sage CRM have unparalleled access to accounting data (including order processing) without actually having access (or a user license) for Sage 300.

Below is a short video.  Let us know if you would like to schedule a personalized demonstration.

The image below is an example of the Sage 300 web-screens within Sage CRM.  You can download more images of the various Sage 300 screens now within Sage CRM from this link.











We do not sell or support Sage 300, rather we focus on Sage CRM and work in tandem with your Sage 300 partner (when required).

Here is a link to the compatibility matrix between Sage CRM and Sage 300.