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Accelerator 2021

Accelerator – the advanced integration between Sage CRM and MS Outlook has just released their version 2021.  This is a very significant release. Below is a 5-minute video followed by my notes related to the technical and usability enhancements.

Architectural Changes

  1. Supports 365 without the client – this means web-outlook as well as Mac users. Note – there are some technical limitations (90% of Accelerator features).  Note that currently, Accelerator is the only CRM/Outlook integration that supports this.  Neither SFDC nor MS CRM supports this feature.

  2. Allows for automatic updates. No longer will a technician be required to log onto your server to update a license key or updates. Users will see an ‘Update Available’ on their instance of Accelerator.

Usability Changes

Generally, this new version provides a better user experience. Looks better, easier to use, etc.

  1. The screens and layout have been completely modernized.

  2. Users can select different font sizes and colors.

  3. The header information displays the total count for communication records, open cases, open opportunities, and open leads.

  4. When filing emails, Accelerator will now show you any/all possible matches if your email has more than 1 potential match. Additionally, when filing emails, any inline images (signatures) are recorded in CRM as inline images and not attachments. This means your documents folders will not get cluttered with email signature files.

  5. For outbound emails, when using Shared Documents or Templates, the user can now ‘Preview’ before selecting.

  6. Linking appointments to CRM is now more streamlined.

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