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Sage CRM Pre-installation Checklists

We use a series of checklists (below) to organize our access before starting to work on new projects/systems. The checklist(s) that an organization is asked to complete and return depends on the project. We will tell you which checklist to complete and return.

  • If you are asked to complete multiple checklists, you can skip any sections that overlap (were already filled out once).
  • For some checklists, different sections may be completed by different parties. For instance, your IT team may fill out some sections, but other sections may require inputs from your Sage accounting partner. For checklists that require inputs from more than 1-party, we start by gathering inputs from your IT team or hosting provider. 


This checklist includes hardware and software specs for Sage CRM. This is generally the first checklist we need completed.


Most of our projects connect Sage CRM to Sage 100 ERP (aka MAS). This checklist applies for these accounts.


This checklist applies for companies that have Sage 300 ERP (aka Accpac).


This checklist is the starting point for accounts that already have Sage CRM and want us to work on their system.
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