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The best mapping component for Sage CRM is the Google Maps integration published by S5. This solution makes it easy to:

  • Visualize your data (Companies, Jobs, Opportunities, etc.)
  • Filter through the data that displays on the map
  • Add new records from the Google Map to Sage CRM
  • Plan and schedule routes
Sage CRM Google Maps integration

Table of Contents

Recent Enhancements

This Google Maps integration keeps getting better.  Recent features added to the solution include:

  • Ability to view company names without having to click on the pin
  • An easy way to recenter your map
  • The ability to filter your data by Sage CRM fields (example YTD Sales)
  • You can now add multiple companies to CRM in one shot

Filter Though the data

Not only can you filter by which records have opportunities or jobs (cases), but you can also leverage any of your company fields from Sage CRM. 


  • Show me only those companies have over 50k in YTD sales
  • Show me the accounts managed by Salesperson A (or A & B)
  • Show me only the accounts with open service jobs
Google Maps Filtering Options

Toggle between Sage CRM and the Map

From the map, you can click on a record and Sage CRM will refresh to that record in the background. 

This makes it easy to update the record you are focused on (update the company, record a note, etc.)

You can also update the record directly from the map.

Add New Records to Sage CRM

The Google Maps integration makes it easy to create new companies (or Leads) from the map. 

Example: Show me all the Farms Stores within 50 miles.  Up comes a list, and users can pick and choose which records they wish to add to Sage CRM. It only takes a moment.

Google Maps Creating Companies

Optional Add-ons to Base Module (above)

View Sage CRM Leads and Create New Leads

Not all clients use Sage CRM’s leads feature. Leads in Sage CRM essentially means ‘not a verified company’.

The optional Leads Module for the Google Maps integration allows users to view Sage CRM leads as well as create new lead records in Sage CRM from the Google Map. The standard base module strictly allows you to create companies. 

If you are unfamiliar with Sage CRM expression Lead (versus Company Type = Prospect), we have a short video explanation on this post on the My CRM Manager website.

Google Maps Lead
Routing Module

The routing module that lets you use Google Maps to create Sales Routes using your records from Sage CRM.  This is a good fit for sales users that go on road trips to visit customer and prospects and need to plan out who they are going to meet with each day and plan out their hotel stays. 

You can setup days you will be traveling and plan out what companies/stops you want to plan out for your visits.  It helps you make an efficient use of your sales time. 

Routing Image 1

Routes consist of Days and then Stops withing each day.

Step 1:  You create a new route, or clone an existing route.

Step 2:  In the new route, you add days and pick pinpoints on the map, and click on the green “+” symbol within each pinpoint to add the stop to the day.  You can add as many days as you would like to the route.

Subscription Pricing

Google Maps Base Module Subscription Pricing
Year 1
Year 2
Future Years
Base Solution
Includes the first 10 users
$ 1,500
$ 1,500
$ 1,500
Base Installation
Includes geocoding for the first 5,000 Company Addresses)
$ 1,000
Yearly Investment for Base Module
$ 2,500
$ 1,500
$ 1,500
Add Lead Module to Base Solution
$ 300
$ 300
$ 300
Yearly Investment for Base Module plus Lead Module
$ 2,800
$ 1,800
$ 1,800
  • all prices are in USD
  • additional base module licenses at $150.00 per user per year.
  • additional lead module licenses at $30.00 per user per year.
  • additional geocoding at $100.00 per 1000 addresses.
Add the Routing Module Subscription Pricing

Licenses: $20 per user / per month billed annually = $240/year for each routing user.
Note: These costs are in addition yearly subscription pricing.

Google Maps API Usage

When you use the s5Maps, it requires the Customer to Set up Pay As you Go Pricing and API Keys. You can get your Google API Keys here:

It is important to be aware that if your organization uses this integration a lot, there can be API usage charges from Google.  You can learn about Pay as you Go Pricing here:

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This solution is published by s5Maps.

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