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The best integration between Sage CRM and Google Maps is published by a third-party company. There are 2 parts to this solution, (1) the base product and (2) the ability to plan routes (think road trips). Not only does this solution allow you to map your customers and prospects, but it also makes it very easy to pull in new companies from Google Maps directly into Sage CRM.

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Base Module

The Base Module not only allows you to visualize your companies BUT also add companies from Google Maps directly into Sage CRM.

  1. Locate one of your Sage CRM Company records and see your surrounding Sage CRM Companies
  2. Color code pins for Company, Prospect, etc.
  3. Filter by two different Sage CRM Company fields (i.e. Type, Status)
  4. Display contact information saved in Sage CRM for the specified Company
  5. Add companies from Google Maps directly into Sage CRM
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The optional Leads Module allows users to view Sage CRM leads in conjunction with Companies.

Google Maps Lead

Routing Module

The routing module that lets you use Google Maps to create Sales Routes using your records from Sage CRM.  This is a good fit for sales users that go on road trips to visit customer and prospects and need to plan out who they are going to meet with each day and plan out their hotel stays. 

You can setup days you will be traveling and plan out what companies/stops you want to plan out for your visits.  It helps you make an efficient use of your sales time. 

Routes consist of Days and then Stops withing each day.

Step 1:  You create a new route, or clone an existing route.

Step 2:  In the new route, you add days and pick pinpoints on the map, and click on the green “+” symbol within each pinpoint to add the stop to the day.  You can add as many days as you would like to the route.

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This solution is published by S5CRM.

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