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GUMU™ Sage 500 CRM

Connecting Sage 500 with Sage CRM provides customer-facing staff with the option to view accounting data and create orders through the Sage CRM interface.  This is a fully bi-directional solution where users can have access to Sage 500 data wherever and whenever they log into Sage CRM. 

The information we are providing on this page refers to the GUMU™ Sage 500 CRM integration.

  • Sage CRM users do not require a license for Sage 500
  • Sage 500 does not need to be the latest version

Table of Contents

Features, Benefits, user experience video


  • Customer integration
  • Ability to define user access rights to Sage 500 data
  • Convert/promote companies in Sage CRM to Customers in Sage 500
  • View Order and Invoice history from Sage CRM
  • Create new quotes and orders using Sage CRM’s quoting features that populate Sage 500
  • Promote orders from Sage CRM to Sage 500


  • Sage CRM users are more informed with their accounts
  • CRM users can look up information for themselves without needing to contact the accounting team
  • Reduces the need for Sage 500 licensing
  • Eliminates duplicate entry
  • Supports remote employees, including Order Entry

Customer Integration

Highlighted on this screen are all the points of integration visible from a Customer record in Sage CRM.

In the sub-sections below, you will see images of the various customer related screens that your users have access to (if they have rights to see these tabs).

Sage 500 Customer

From the Sage 500 Customer tab of a Company, Sage CRM users can view summary information about an account.  Division, Salesperson, Last Payment date, etc.

AR Inquiry

From the AR History tab, users can filter through open or fully paid invoices and drill into an invoice to see line item details

Sage 100 CRM AR History Tab

Order Inquiry

On the Order Inquiry Tab, users can filter and view open or completed Orders.

Sage 100 CRM Order Inquiry Tab

Credit History

Users do not need to ask accounting about the status of an account.  Instead, they can jump to the credit history tab. 

NOTE, if a company is on credit hold, a red information message will display at the top of the company summary screen.

Sage 100 CRM Credit History Tab

Creating Orders

Users can create a Quote or Order from the context on an Opportunity, or directly from the Company Summary screen

Sage 100 CRM Create Order

If a user has the correct rights, they can promote a Sage CRM Order to the Sage 500 Sales Order module.  When this happens, the Sage 500 Order Reference writes back to Sage CRM.

Sage 100 CRM Promote Order Feature


The integration component provides an administration section within Sage CRM.  It is from here that we configure the integration and import customers, vendors, inventory (products) and map Sage CRM users to Sage 500 Sales Rep codes.


On top of all the general security principles within Sage CRM, the Sage 500 module has its own security screen used to define the rights you want individual users to have.

About the Publisher - Greytrix

The Sage 500 to Sage CRM integration is published by Greytrix. Greytrix has been a Sage CRM development partner for over 20 years and has an excellent reputation within the global Sage Community. 

Aside from this integration with Sage 500, Greytrix also publishes the default integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100, Sage X3, and Sage Intacct.  Beyond Sage CRM, Greytrix also publishes the leading integration between Sage 100 and

Greytrix Logo Dark


What is the cost for this integration? The integration is sold using the perpetual licensing model. There is a base price, plus a cost per user. Use the Pricing Calculator to determine pricing.

What does GUMU mean? GUMU stands for ‘Greytrix Universal Migration Utility’.  This name is associated with the framework used in all of their integrations between CRM and accounting. 

How is Sage 500 licensing impacted?  CRM users do not need direct login access to Sage 500. However, the integration does require a single dedicated Sage 500 user license for CRM to talk to Sage 500.  This Sage 500 license is used while writing from Sage CRM to 500 (insert/update) and also while adding line items.  For example, at the time of any promote process (promote customer, or promote order), the integration logs into Sage 500 using the available license –> writes to Sage 500 –> logs off of Sage 500. So that means if it takes 2-3 seconds to promote a customer from Sage CRM to Sage 500, then the license is consumed for those 2-3 seconds and a license will need to be available.  In larger installs of Sage CRM with a high volume of integration activity, our recommendation is to have 2-3 Sage 500 licenses available.

What versions of Sage 500 are supported?  The integration does support older versions of Sage 500.  Clients do not need to be current with Sage 500.

How is this integration supported?  Greytrix will work in tandem with your local Sage partner (if not My CRM Manager) to assist in setting the system up.  Level 2 support by Greytrix is included in the subscription rate.

What are the system requirements? Here are the system requirements for Sage CRM and the general pre-installation checklist for Sage CRM.

How can we evaluate this system in detail? Demonstrations of this solution are available on request and for a more thorough evaluation, we offer a fixed fee Pilot Package.

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