Sage CRM Sales Pipeline: How to Manage

A high-functioning sales team can make-or-break your growth goals. It’s nearly impossible to achieve ambitious milestones without the right people, strategy, and tools in place. For this reason, many of our clients have talked about how the Sage CRM sales pipeline has transformed their business.

It makes sense because the software solves so many of the challenges sales teams face:

  • Companies and contacts get stored on a central system.
  • You can log ALL interactions within Sage CRM.
  • It’s easy to track and forecast opportunities.
  • Workflow engines streamline operations.
  • Access reports on new contacts, opportunities, AND interactions.

Managing Your Sage CRM Sales Pipeline With Focused Sales Management

In today’s post, we’re going to look at how to manage your Sage CRM sales pipeline through focused sales management. The software guides your sales efforts to the most winnable, profitable deals. Plus, salespeople love the freedom they get from instant access to sales reports, calendars, pipelines, and contacts. Finally, a way to focus on selling not managing.

  1. Start in the Interactive Dashboard: Here each salesperson will find their customizable workspace, and can handle daily tasks and activities.
  2. Manage Opportunities and Leads: Easily escalate or reassign leads. Automate follow-up activities. Identify leads most winnable and profitable leads to close.
  3. Run Sales Reports and Forecasts: Your sales team can access one-click reports and accurate, timely forecasts — which lead to faster, more informed decision making.
  4. Generate Accurate Quotes: Access to the latest product information makes it possible to deliver the most up-to-date quotes to prospects.
  5. Route Leads Based on Territory: Sales efforts are often assigned based on territories of some sort. Assignment rules make this process automatic with Sage CRM.
  6. Automate the Sales Process: All salespeople follow the same internal business process you define. This means fewer excuses of how an opportunity, “fell through the cracks.”
  7. Manage Team Communication: Get a diary with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views. The on-screen notifications and reminders are also helpful.
  8. Integrate With ERP System: Combine your ERP and CRM to give the sales team insight which will lead to an improved sales cycle.
  9. Skyrocket Productivity With Mobile: Access important customer information while in the field. There’s nothing like real-time data to support your efforts.

Take Control of Your Sage CRM Sales Pipeline

Smart leaders know the importance of an efficient sales team. Additionally, every moment spent on data entry is a moment NOT spent on landing new contracts. But, you can’t do the entry and management yourself — there’s just not enough time in the day.  The good news is that you don’t have to.  With Sage CRM’s integrations and solutions, pipeline management becomes a much smaller task. In fact, here at DCAA, managing Sage CRM has been our primary focus for 14+ years. As a result, we’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

Our team helps you build efficient workflows and methodical strategies to skyrocket growth. We’ll even make sure your team receives all the training it needs to succeed with the software.

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