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Accounting Partners​

We provide marketing and sales assistance to Sage 100/300 partners. For some partners that means helping out with a sales call, and for others, we get more involved in marketing Sage CRM to their clients and prospects. Below is a brief outline of the kinds of support we provide.  

Table of Contents

Sales Assistance for Partners

Pre-Sales Assistance

Some Sage partners call with prospect-type information and just require direction. IE – Is this a good fit for Sage CRM? etc. Usually, we have a web meeting and go over what is known about the client’s requirements. Sometimes these calls result in demos with the client, and sometimes not.  

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Sales Assistance

For interactions with the client or prospects, we are always identified as a third-party. We can demonstrate aspects of Sage CRM in the first client meeting. If the company is a good prospect, it will just result in more meetings. Sometimes the partner takes over after the successful conclusion of that first meeting, but more commonly we are there throughout the entire process.

Note, the partners that bring us in to present Sage CRM during their Sage 100/300 sales process are more successful at selling the accounting system.


Lead Management

Some partners do not want to get involved in client meetings related to Sage CRM inquiries and simply forward us the lead. We track these inquiries in our Sage CRM instance and keep the partner in the loop all the way.

This video walks you through our entire process. Historically, our conversion rate for inquiries provided by Sage partners is just over 20%.

Sage CRM Partner

Test Environments

Test Environments: Our evaluation package (aka pilot package) is an effective way for companies to test drive Sage CRM BEFORE committing to any software and progressing to either the Quick Start Implementation Package or any other form of implementation.

Some of the companies that chose this path forward have been disappointed in the past by other CRM’s claiming a tight integration to accounting. They want to be more cautious and confirm that the system is as fast as what we presented in the demonstrations.

The price for the Pilot Package is $1,950 USD ($2,600 CAD). No software licensing is required during this evaluation.

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Test Drive before you commit

Sage CRM Pilot Package

How much is Sage CRM

Pricing Calculator

Marketing Assistance for Partners

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If your Sage practice hosts customer events we can conduct informational webinars. The focus for these is on generating awareness of Sage CRM. Generally, these run 35-40 minutes. We cover the fundamentals of Sage CRM, Advanced features, accounting integration, and the integration with Outlook.

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Web Pages

We can provide practical content for a Sage CRM page on your website and help keep that content current. 

It is common for partners around the globe to reference one of our Sage CRM videos on their CRM page and several partners also list the Pilot Package (Test Drive) content.

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The content on the My CRM Manager website and from the YouTube channel can easily be shared, and we also have email templates with a series of links for common scenarios.

The Pricing Calculator, Pilot Package, and Quick Start pages are some of our most visited content. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sage CRM is a very competitive solution and all of your clients and prospects should be aware of it. However, presenting Sage CRM effectively takes a lot of experience that most Sage ERP VARs do not have. 

We have a lot of great resources (more bandwidth) and our approach to managing Sage CRM systems is different. 

For Sage 100, most all of our projects use the Advanced integration (aka GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM). Also we are the top partner in North America for both Greytrix and CRM Together (publishers of Accelerator). 

Yes, for sure. 

Yes, for sure. 

Yes, sure. And be aware that the act of presenting Sage CRM in conjunction with Sage 100/300 improves your close ratio and shortens the sales cycle.

Just contact me and we can go through your objectives to see if we can help. 

Implementation Support

Most (but not all) Sage accounting partners want us to take responsibility for the CRM project at the successful conclusion of the sales cycle. We are a full-service Sage CRM partner with years of experience focusing exclusively on Sage CRM projects. 

Because you can’t be awesome at everything, some of the most realistic partners in the Sage 100 and 300 communities have elected to partner with us for Sage CRM sales, marketing, and implementations. We work with these partners to varying degrees, depending on their resources and ambitions. – Dan

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