We focus exclusively on Sage CRM Services

At My CRM Manager, we exclusively focus on  Sage CRM related services.

Sage CRM is a very powerful and open-ended application – you can get it to do almost anything. But getting your staff to adapt to new systems and processes… that is a separate issue. Helping your organization ‘get organized’ using Sage CRM is what we are all about. We offer the entire range of services related to Sage CRM including:

– Training
– Support
– Guidance
– Designing workflows
– Customization Sage CRM
– Upgrading Sage CRM

CRM Best Practices

It is in our best interest that your project is successful, and over the years we have developed a pattern that works using CRM best practices.

Our objective is to be as transparent as possible about how we will get ‘from here to there’.  The image below reflects the schedule for a typical Sage CRM deployment.  The schedule and the entire plan is flexible, but we certainly go into our projects with a plan.

CRM Best Practices

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