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We specialize in Sage CRM implementations and services. Sage CRM is highly customizable, incredibly fast, and very extendible to meet all your organizational needs.


We focus on Sage CRM

Helping organizations get more organized using Sage CRM is what we are all about. 

We offer the full range of services related to CRM from direction all the way to development and support. Our processes (and success rate) are different than other partners in the community for a few primary reasons (listed below).


We have been focused exclusively on Sage CRM (with this approach) since 2004.  Collectively, our team does a large volume of Sage CRM work which gives us a lot of experience to draw from.  We are Sage’s top Sage CRM reseller (most years) but also the top reseller in North America for the Advanced Sage 100 integration as well as the Advanced integration between Sage CRM and Outlook.


It is in our best interest that your project is successful, and over the years we have developed a pattern that works using CRM best practices.

Our Project Managers are application specialists, but not technicians. This is an important distinction. They bridge the gap between what you need and any technical work that needs to get done. We provide advice and direction as opposed to simply executing tasks requested of us. The Planning for CRM and CRM Best Practices pages of our website outline how we work with end-using companies

Our objective is to be as transparent as possible about how we will get ‘from here to there’. 

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