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Sage CRM Training

When implementing Sage CRM, there needs to be comprehensive training in order for everyone involved to grasp how the system functions.  It is our responsibility to, not only design your system with you and build it out but also to provide adequate training to ensure your group receives the very best return on your investment in Sage CRM.  Sage CRM training takes time, but we are happy to work with you to make sure your staff understands the platform comfortably.

Our approach to training

We take a train-the-trainer approach.  While the software should ultimately be very easy to use for end users, there should be someone internal to your team that understands Sage CRM at a deeper level.  This individual is instrumental in coordinating information, fielding end user questions and providing first level support.   We work with this defined individual(s) on an ongoing basis to progressively improve their knowledge related to Sage CRM.   With initial projects, this typically involves weekly meetings throughout the duration of the initial release (60 to 120 days).

Training with an initial project

Regardless of whether your organization already has Sage CRM or if you are starting from scratch, training starts with helping clients understand all of the options that Sage CRM offers.   In reviewing all of the options, we define how your particular Sage CRM system will be used.

End user training and go-live support

Absolutely we assist with go-live training and support.  Normally we lead these sessions, but sometimes we act in a supportive role to your designated point person.  Go-live training for end users is typically broken up into at least 2 distinct sessions.  There is only so much individuals can absorb and experience has taught us that adoption is better with several 1-hour training sessions.

User Guides that define Expectations

A user guide specific to your deployment of Sage CRM will help us a lot with adoption when we roll out the system to the end users.  Key to the user guide are some training videos and spell out exactly how the system works and how it is meant to be used.   These guides clearly define the following key points:

-The objectives of using the system
-How Sage CRM can be accessed
-Key terms within the Sage applicable relative to your organization
-How the system works (which includes training videos)
-Expectations for how the system is to be used (this is often different by department)
-Who end users are meant to contact with questions they may have

Click here to see an example of a user guide.

Training Videos

For some projects, we take end user training a step further by providing comprehensive step-by-step training videos that walk the user through how the system works and how they are meant to use it.  These training videos are excellent collateral, especially for on-boarding new staff.   These videos are typically 15 to 20 minutes in duration.   Customized training videos are more common with projects that use Sage CRM’s workflow engine.

Tools and methodology

As you might have gathered, we are very visual.  When questions come in, we will often jump into a screen sharing session so we can completely understand the situation.  In working with clients and their designated point persons, we commonly provide brief ad-hock video responses that clearly answer complex questions in a digestible format.

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