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Sage CRM Training

Sage CRM Training

When implementing Sage CRM, there needs to be comprehensive training in order for users to grasp how the system functions. It is our responsibility to provide adequate training to ensure your group receives the very best return on your investment in Sage CRM. Training comes in different forms, including:

  • Administrator Level Training
  • End-User Training
  • Provide User Guides Specific to your deployment
  • Other Training Resources
  • On-going support
CRM Administrator

Administrator Level Training

We take a train-the-trainer approach.  While the software should ultimately be very easy to use for end-users, there should be someone internal to your team that understands Sage CRM at a deeper level. This individual is instrumental in coordinating information, fielding end-user questions, and providing first-level support.  Your MCM Project Manager works with this defined individual (we say CRM Administrator) on an ongoing basis to progressively improve their knowledge related to Sage CRM. Click here for more information about CRM Administrators and what it takes to be a good one.

End-User Training

While the goal is to ultimately develop your internal administrator, we can and do provide end-user training. This is especially true at the onset of a project where everyone is just starting. Our Quick Start Implementation page outlines a typical approach to end-user training when companies are just beginning with Sage CRM. 

User Guides Specific to your Deployment of Sage CRM

An end user guide specific to your deployment of Sage CRM helps a lot with adoption. Key to the user guide are some training videos and spell out exactly how the system works and how it is meant to be used. If you click the image here, you can see an example. These guides clearly define the following key points:

  • The objectives of using the system
  • How Sage CRM can be accessed
  • Key terms within the Sage applicable relative to your organization
  • How your specific system works
  • How users are expected to use it
  • Where to go for additional help

These guides can be a practical resource in the future too when onboarding new users. Our suggestion is generally to have new employees first review the user guide, and then meet with your administrator.

Other Training Resources

Some training material does not need to be specific to your company.

  • Our Communications page has a series of videos that outlined all the different ways we can record and manage interactions using Sage CRM
  • Our Accelerator page (Advanced Outlook Integration) includes a series of training videos as well as an Administrator Guide that can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.
  • The Marketing page provides a breakdown of the various marketing features and how they can be leveraged. From the bottom of this page, you can download our Mailchimp Administrator Guide. 

On going Support

As you might have gathered, we are very visual.  When questions come in, we will often jump into a screen-sharing session so we can completely understand the situation.  In working with clients and their designated point persons, we commonly provide brief ad-hock video responses and/or pictures that clearly answer complex questions in a digestible format.

Give us a call today if you need help introducing Sage CRM to your business. We are here for you! 

All subscribers to Sage CRM have access to help guides as well as the Sage CRM support desk. For a full breakdown of support options, go to the Support Options for Sage CRM page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sage CRM Training

Our approach is very different. Our Project Managers are application specialists (and keeners) but not technicians. They bridge the gap between the help you want and any technical work that might be required from our technicians. Clients love how organized and thoughtful our Project Managers are, and there is definitely an advantage to working with someone so focused on helping you be successful with Sage CRM.

99.9% of the time, all of the services we provided are delivered remotely. Day-to-day our Project Managers are in and out of web meetings helping clients. We use both GoToMeeting and Teams. Occasionally we do come onsite for training, but onsite training is (these days) rarely requested.

Many of our clients subscribe to a fixed fee support plan, but we also provide assistance on a time and materials basis. 

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