Sage CRM Upgrades

Sage routinely publishes upgrades for Sage CRM, some are major and some are minor.  Any of the individual upgrades include a combination of (a) feature enhancements, (b) bug fixes, and (c) infrastructure changes. Clicking on any of the blue version release titles below will bring up the release notes (PDF).

The current (latest) version of Sage CRM is known as version 2021R2. 

Time To Upgrade

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Sage CRM Version History

Sage's Policy Related to Upgrades

If your organization is current with their Sage CRM support plan (either the subscription or via the annual renewal), then you are entitled to the latest versions of Sage CRM.  And Sage expects end-using companies to stay current(ish) with Sage CRM upgrades.  It is Sage’s policy to only support 1 major release back.  Example A: When Sage CRM v2020R1 was released, Sage stopped supporting v2018.

Upgrade FAQs

What do you mean above by Sage not supporting older versions?:  This means, if you or I call into the Sage CRM support line with an issue related to an unsupported version, they can refuse assistance.  However, any media, KB Articles, Sage CRM community threads,. etc. will remain available.  And your Sage CRM service provider may be able to assist.  Different Sage CRM service providers have their own policies about what versions of Sage CRM they will still support.

How often should we apply upgrades?:  Our hope is that clients upgrade every second year.  That doesn’t always happen, but that is my suggestion.  If companies get too far behind, it becomes harder to support their system as there can be conflicts with other software  (which is also always upgrading).  Moreover, if the objective of the CRM strategy is to make better use of the information that flows through your company, holding back on upgrades… ends up costing the client more than the expense of applying the upgrades.

Can our organization download and install these upgrades ourselves?:  In theory, you could, it is your software.  However, in practice, I have never seen a client deploy upgrades on their own successfully.  Sage CRM is very sophisticated software and certain aspects of Sage CRM (like upgrades) should be conducted only by technical specialists that work with Sage CRM every day.

What is involved in applying upgrades?:  It depends on several factors.  Typically we take a copy of your CRM and apply the upgrades in a staging (test) environment before we upgrade your actual system.  Once the upgrades have been applied, we will schedule a training session to review the feature enhancements/advancements.

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