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Sage CRM Overview and Key Differences

Sage CRM Overview

Sage CRM Overview and Key Differences

What is Sage CRM?

Key Differences

These significant differences are what make Sage CRM a very attractive platform for many companies.  

  1. Easy to Use! Sage CRM is an easier platform than most for users to wrap their heads around and adopt.
  2. Integrates with accounting: Sage CRM can be used in conjunction with pre-built integrations to Sage 50, 100, 300, 500, X3, and Intacct.
  3. Easy to modify: Sage CRM is an extremely flexible system. If required, you can readily bend it to make more sense for your organization.
  4. Best Value CRM on the market:  While Sage CRM is definitely a top-tier application, it is approximately 1/3 of the price of either or MS CRM, and consistently gets recognized in the CRM software industry as offering the best value.
  5. Very strong process control features:  Companies commonly use Sage CRM to manage the flow of information that passes through their teams.
  6. Private Cloud: Sage CRM is not hosted by Sage, rather you host it on your own server or private cloud. This distinction means that, unlike competing systems, Sage gives you ultimate control and ownership of your system and your data.

When is Sage CRM a strong fit?

While having a CRM that integrates with accounting is a powerful distinction, it is often Sage CRM’s ease of use, process control features, and Outlook integration that make the difference. 

Note that Sage CRM isn’t for everyone. Sage CRM is rarely a fit for companies requiring less than 6 users. The reason is, for smaller implementations, companies generally have a harder time justifying the upfront investment required to set up Sage CRM. Globally, the average Sage CRM implementation has approximately 12 users. 17,000 companies around the world use Sage CRM, and there are plenty of examples with hundreds of users and a few installs with over 1,000 users.

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