Sage 50 Integration

Looking for a CRM that integrates with your Sage 50 system? Look no further!  We publish the integration between Sage CRM and Sage 50.  This includes both the US (Peachtree) and Canadian (Simply) editions of Sage 50.

  1. Displays Year-To-Date Sales compared to Last Year-To-Date Sales,
  2. Displays the date of the last Invoice
  3. Shows a listing of historical Quotes, Orders and Invoices
  4. Users can see line item details for these historical Quotes, Orders and Invoices
  5. Allows for the connection of multiple Sage 50 databases to CRM

The integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM was developed by My CRM Manager in conjunction with Sage using the software developer’s kits (SDKs) for both Sage CRM and Sage 50.  It is a 1-way, read-only integration wherein Sage 50 is updating Sage CRM every 24 hours.

This integration is provided as an add-on subscription. Sage CRM user licenses, installation, and training services are sold separately.  It is strongly recommended that end using companies acquire adequate training and assistance at the onset of their deployment of Sage CRM.

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What is Sage CRM?

Learn about Sage CRM and it's key benefits.

Companies that deploy Sage CRM typically use it to manage information and activities for 8 or more staff members (users).   Review this guideline for what organizations typically spend to deploy Sage CRM

A comparisons between Sage CRM and other CRM solutions can be found in the Completing Solutions section of this site.


What is the cost for this integration? The integration is sold as an annual subscription. Please contact us or your Sage CRM partner for pricing details.

Is this integration bi-directional?  Currently, the integration is only 1-way. This means that Sage CRM is only reading data from the Sage 50 database and not reading/writing/creating. 

Will this integration ever be bi-directional? Having a bi-directional integration with Sage 50 is a longer-term project of ours, but for now, this what we have. If you decide to go forward, any/all future functionality related to the integration would be applied to your instance as part of the subscription.  

What versions of Sage 50 are supported?  Clients are expected to be on the latest version of Sage 50.

How do customer records in Sage 50 get mapped to Companies in Sage CRM? As part of the initial set-up, we will import and connect your existing customers from Sage 50.  After the initial setup, your side will need to manually connect a Sage CRM Company to a Sage 50 Customer Record.  But it is super easy. Here is a 60-second video outlining the process of connecting an account.

How is this integration supported? We (My CRM Manager) will take responsibility for supporting this integration. 

How is Sage involved in this integration? We developed this in conjunction with the Sage 50 product group in Atlanta, using their software developer kit and advice. This solution has also been approved for Sage’s Marketplace. 

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