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Sage 50 CRM integration

Sage 50 Integration

Looking for a CRM that integrates with your Sage 50 system? Look no further!  We publish the integration between Sage CRM and Sage 50.  This includes both the US (Peachtree) and Canadian (Simply) editions of Sage 50.

The integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM was developed by My CRM Manager in conjunction with Sage using the software developer’s kits (SDKs) for both Sage CRM and Sage 50.  It is a 1-way, read-only integration wherein Sage 50 is updating Sage CRM every 24 hours.

Sage 50 CRM integration

What is Sage CRM?

Learn about Sage CRM and it's key benefits.


  • Provides a snapshot of key customer statistics such as YTD and LTD, Date of the Last Invoice, as well as Total Due and the Total # of outstanding invoices
  • View Quote, Order, and Invoice history including line item details
  • Search across all customers to view accounts receivables
  • Supports Multiple Sage 50 databases


  • Sage CRM users are more informed with their accounts
  • CRM users can look up information for themselves without needing to contact the accounting team
  • Reduces the need for non-accounting staff to log into Sage 50
  • Supports remote employees

Table of Contents

Company Summary Screen

Highlighted on this screen are all the points of integration visible from a Customer record in Sage CRM.

  • Sage 50 Company
  • Customer ID
  • Customer Name
  • YTD (Order)
  • LYTD (Order)
  • Date of Last Sale (Order)
  • YTD (Invoiced)
  • LYTD (Invoiced)
  • Date of Last Invoice
  • Total Due (unpaid Invoices)
  • Total # of Outstanding Invoices
Sage 50 Company Summary E

Quote, Order, and Invoice History

From the Quote, Order, and Invoice History tabs, we can see all transactional history from Sage 50. 

The user can filter the data and open up individual records to see line item details.

Quote, Order, and Invoice Lookup

From the Sage CRM’s standard lookup feature, users can search for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

Example = Show me any outstanding invoices greater than $100. 

Visualize your Data

In June 2021, we introduced a new feature called Data Visualizer which provides a graphical representation of your Sage 50 data.  This includes: Receivables, Quote, Order, and Invoice history and more. 

Note, this feature has first been introduced to the Sage 50 CDN integration. Making these features available for Sage 50 US will follow.


The integration component provides an administration section within Sage CRM.  It is from here that we:

  1. Configure the integration
  2. Establish your fiscal year
  3. Define which modules of the integration you will use (Quotes, Orders, Invoices)
Sag 50 Admin

Linking Companies

As part of the initial set-up, we will import and connect your existing customers from Sage 50.  After the initial setup, when you pick up a new customer, a user will need to manually connect a Sage CRM Company to a Sage 50 Customer Record.  But it is super easy. 

Sage 50 CRM FAQs

 The integration is sold as an annual subscription at a rate of $1,500/year. Please refer to our pricing calculator to get a better understanding of the budgets required to implement Sage CRM.

The subscription includes support on any issues related to the integration as well as any feature enhancements.

Currently, the integration is only 1-way. This means that Sage CRM is only reading data from the Sage 50 database and not reading/writing/creating. 

Having a bi-directional integration with Sage 50 is a longer-term project of ours, but for now, this is what we have. If you decide to go forward, any/all future functionality related to the integration would be applied to your instance as part of the subscription.  

What versions of Sage 50 are supported?  Clients are expected to be on the latest version of Sage 50 (v2022).  

How is this integration supported? We (My CRM Manager) will take responsibility for supporting this integration. 

No. While our objective is that the feature sets of CDN and US versions ultimately match up, there can sometimes be features that are introduced to one accounting system first. Additionally, because the Canadian and US versions of Sage 50 are two completely different applications, there can be features that one of the systems supports but not the other. 

We developed this in conjunction with the Sage 50 product group in using their software developer kit and advice. This solution appears in Sage’s Marketplace. 

Demonstrations of this solution are available on request and for a more thorough evaluation, we offer a fixed fee Pilot Package which allows you to test drive the system before fully committing.

Yes, this integration can be set up anywhere and connected to your on-premise Sage 50 instance if Sage 50's RDA (Remote Data Access) feature is enabled.

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