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We specialize in Sage CRM implementations and services. Sage CRM is highly customizable, incredibly fast, and very extendible to meet all your organizational needs.

CRM Best Practices

Sage CRM Project Management

A thoughtful, methodical approach makes the difference between success and failure. Many of our existing clients have either deployed a CRM solution in the past and failed OR purchased Sage CRM software elsewhere before approaching us once they were ready to take a more thoughtful approach to applying CRM Best Practices.

Our experience allows us to add valuable insight and remove as much risk as possible from your CRM strategy. My CRM Manager can help you with the best strategies to manage you CRM initiative. 

CRM Best Practices

It is in our best interest that your project is successful, and over the years we have developed a pattern that works using CRM best practices.

Our objective is to be as transparent as possible about how we will get ‘from here to there’.  

This image reflects the schedule for a typical Sage CRM deployment.  

The schedule and the entire plan is flexible, but we always go in with a plan.

CRM Timeline

Strategies for Increasing Adoption

  1. Define your objectives in writing
  2. Ensure your system does something that can’t be done elsewhere
  3. Set clear expectations for how the system is to be used
  4. Have a qualified and engaged point person within your organization to assist with training and support issues.
  5. Work with a professional to reduce the risk associated with your strategy
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