Quick Start Implementation Package

Gain an immediate return on your Sage CRM system!

Our Quick Start Implementation Package is perfect for companies who want to immediately see the gains of an integrated CRMs and how that impacts efficiency and productivity of staff members. This package includes all the initial technical work as well as some key features that focus on user adoption.


Our focus during the Quick Start Implementation is to get your staff comfortable navigating around the application and using the fundamental features of:

  • Profiling companies and people;
  • As well as (b) using it in conjunction with Outlook and (c) getting comfortable recording our interactions.
  • In the course of the Quick Start, you will gain an immediate return on your investment and have a clear idea of what you might do with Sage CRM next.


Our focus during the Quick Start Implementation is to get your staff comfortable using the fundamentals of Sage CRM. This means using it to profile companies and people as well as getting comfortable recording our interactions..

  • Installation of Sage CRM
  • Installation of Outlook integration
  • Initial synchronization with accounting data
  • Installation of My CRM Manager’s Communication Statistics module
  • Apply My CRM Manager’s default adoption dashboards
  • User setup
  • 3 Days with a Senior Sage CRM Project Manager who will guide you through the transition
  • Go Live Support
  • Controlled success
  • Recommendations for optimizing and scaling
  • Suggested next steps


The Quick Start focuses on the basics. While we will creating new fields and modify screens and lists, this package excludes all else.

Timeline: The Process

Quick Start Timeline Only

Quick Start: Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond all of the technical work (installations), the Quick Start focuses on the basics of profiling information and managing communications. This includes working with MS Outlook. In the second half of the Quick Start, we will review Sage CRM's advanced feature set, however, configuring any of Sage CRM's advanced features is out-of-scope for the Quick Start.

Note - some companies require us to import data into CRM other than accounting data. If this is required for the initial phase 1 (Quick Start), those services will be quoted separately. 

Our Quick Start Implementation Package is priced at $8,750. This excludes software licensing.

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