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Project Examples

We do a lot of really neat projects with our clients.  Some of them have been kind enough to allow us to show off aspects of their system

SmithCraft Signs started with Sage CRM in 2016. Each year, the system becomes more and more integral to their operations.

They are able to manage the progression of projects through the different users and departments involved. They use Sage CRM’s workflow engine to tightly control what information gets captured along the way. At any time in the cycle, the staff knows exactly what is going on with any individual project, department, or user.

Check out our long-form interview with Nicole Felker Bergstrom where we talk about CRM conceptions and utility.

ACMS started using Sage CRM in 2014 (ish).  Their system is to manage the activities related to condominiums.  It is used by property managers and their support staff, and also by the owners and boards of directors associated with the buildings. At any time, we can generate a comprehensive report that breaks down everything boards require.

ACMS’s system has integrations with (a) the ACMS website, (b) MS Outlook, (c) Sage 300 accounting data.

Check out our long-form interview with Crystal Deley where we discuss customizing a powerhouse CRM system. 

SPM is a risk management company. They use Sage CRM to record and manage the policies that their clients hold.

In this video from 2011, it mentions 15 users.  The update is that the system now manages the activities of almost twice as many staff. It is a good example of a growing company putting in a system to help facilitate growth. 

This is another older video.  In it, we show how EcoWater leveraged Sage CRM to manage the activities of their dealer channel through a secure portal on their website. 

Dealers can submit requests or issues 24/7.  It was extremely effective in streamlining the flow of inquiries. 

Learn more about adding a client portal to your website on our integrating Sage CRM with your website page.

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