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Sage CRM Industry Interviews

Below is a collection of interviews with clients and people within the Sage CRM industry. 

Normally my style is to make short videos, but these are generally longer.  I wouldn’t want to offend any of the interviewees by cropping any of their key points.  These recordings are generally very candid.  I hope they help you.

Client Interviews

In this polarizing (wink) discussion with Nicole from SmithCraft Signs, she talks about the futility of asking sales staff to record communications but then gets into her journey over the past 4 years with Sage CRM. The SmithCraft CRM instance is great (and very successful) because it manages how information moves through different departments.

Nicole was so candid and real in this interview. Business owners trying to get a better understanding of the process of deploying a CRM system (Sage or otherwise) should watch this interview.

A 3-minute recap of the SmithCraft system is on the Project Examples page of this site.

In this discussion with Crystal Deley, owner of ACMS, she starts off by saying how the process took much longer than she expected (not a great start), but as the interview rolls on, you see her gradually recollect all the advancements to her system over the past few years and change her tune.

Crystal does mention how she believes she has the best condo management system out there, and how it gives her a competitive edge. 

A 2-minute recap of the ACMS system is on the Project Examples page of this site.

Sage CRM Industry Interviews

In this interview with Anthony Volpe of The LLB Group (Sage 100 partner out of Philadelphia), he talks about why the GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM is so impactful to the Sage 100 community. 

Backstory – Anthony had experience with Sage CRM, but only tuned into the GUMU after seeing in at the July 28th, 2020 Sage CRM user conference. 

Back in 2018, Majella from CRM Together interviewed Dan Cousins to discuss CRM and the impact the third party from CRM Together had had on My CRM Manager’s clients. 

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