Sage CRM as a Communications System

Sage CRM is fundamentally a communications system.  It can be used to manage the exchanges the staff has with other organizations, and in the context of something specific such as a customer service issue, a job, or an opportunity.  

Inbound and Outbound communication records can be entered (1) directly from the Sage CRM interface, or (2) from MS Outlook, or (3) from your phone.  Communications can also (4) automatically come into Sage CRM from an email or via an integration with your website.

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Communications can be phone calls, meetings, emails (inbound and outbound) or ‘other’.  It is important to categorize each touch (communication record) in a way that makes sense to your organization.

Here are some examples of action types that describe each communication that has been filed/recorded.  

This example image – is not typical, but does illustrate that ‘how’ you profile communications is up to you.

Sage CRM is an effective Communications System

Often, clients use Sage CRM to measure how often (or not) they interact with their customers, prospects, and suppliers.  This is a very practical way to stay on top of accounts.  

This image shows fields on the Company summary screen that reflects data from the communications tab. 

A similar set of fields can display on the screens for individual Cases, Leads, and Opportunities.

Communication Statistics B

The video below walks you through all of the key functionality within Sage related to managing the back-and-forth between users and the people these users engage within the course of operations.

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