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sage crm mailchimp integration guide

Sage CRM's Mailchimp Integration

Sage CRM offers a free and practical integration with Mailchimp.  Since Sage CRM makes it so easy to segment and group our data, we can send out Mailchimp campaigns to specific groups of contacts. This can be a very practical tool when used effectively.  We have an extensive user guide you can download from the bottom of this page and you can learn more about creating groups and other Sage CRM marketing features on the My CRM Manager Marketing page.

This integration allows users to:

  • Push their Sage CRM contacts into Mailchimp
  • Quickly and easily create new targeted email marketing campaigns in Sage CRM
  • Send the campaign and automatically add a communication record to the relevant records in Sage CRM
  • View a list of sent Mailchimp campaigns and their results (example below) 
  • Segment contacts and then create groups based on responses for future campaigns
  • View of history of marketing campaigns sent to an individual contact’s record
sage crm mailchimp integration guide

This image is of an individual Mailchimp campaign within Sage CRM. This screen shows us the group, the number of emails sent, as well as the result. We can click on any of the large green numbers to see the particulars. 

The statistics on this page show us that our message was sent to 1,597 members of the Sage 100 / 300 community. 333 of those contacts read at least 1 article from the campaign. 

mailchimp example feb 2022
Sage CRM Mailchimp User Guide

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