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Sage CRM 2022 Virtual Conference

Whether you’re starting out, or want to do more with Sage CRM, tune in to Sage CRM’s YouTube channel on September 27th. Across the day, there will be 25 sessions for both customers & resellers. Presenters from the global Sage CRM community (including Dan Cousins from My CRM Manager) will help you understand more of what’s possible using the Sage CRM product. With a wide …

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Editable Grids update August 2022

Editable Grids allows you to mass update rows of data within Sage CRM instead of going into individual records. In August of 2022, Editable Grids introduced a feature that makes it easier to export data, refresh it in Excel, and then bring it back into Sage CRM.  This feature has very practical applications, including allowing users to edit line items on Quotes and/or Orders.

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GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM Update August 2022

The latest version of the GUMU™ has significant enhancements added that are a direct result in your feedback. These new features/changes include: Deeper integration to Vendor data from Sage 100 A new key statistic on the company summary screen showing ‘Rolling 12-months’ Enhanced security allowing users to see item cost (or not) when using FIND/INVENTORY New ‘In-Active Customers’ tab that shows customers that haven’t placed …

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Explode kits in Sage CRM

A new feature of the GUMU­™ Sage 100 CRM integration is to allow CRM Order Entry users to explode kit items from Sage CRM. Using Sage CRM to process orders (that feed Sage 100) removes the need for sales staff to actually log into Sage 100. You can learn more about this integration on the Sage 100 page of the My CRM Manager website.

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MCM 365 Customer Portal

Our customer portal allows you to submit new cases directly into our Sage CRM instance and/or view historical cases. When submitting a Case, you can associate images, videos, documents, and communications to your case.   Please watch the instructional video below. If you require access, please email your MCM Project Manager or and we will set you and/or any of your colleagues up with …

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Profitability By Salesperson

One of our accounts using the GUMU™ version of the Sage 100 integration needed to see profitability by an individual salesperson from within Sage CRM. No problem! Notice too that, for those that have access to this screen, it provides a total AND the ability to export the results to Excel.  Clicking on the image below (or here) will launch a 90-second video of this …

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Adding Color to Required Fields

This video illustrates how we add color to your system. In this example, we have made any/all yellow fields in the CRM instance yellow. This is only an example, you can apply different colors throughout the system, and even have different conditions. IE – if the value of a field = X, make it red, etc.

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Sage CRM Roadmap

Take a look at what Sage has planned for the next few years! (to 2024). This page also allows you to submit ideas for improvement.

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