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Using Identifiers within Sage CRM

By default, Sage provides a description field when entering a job (Case) or opportunity.  However, that description field is a free text field.  So users could type in whatever they want — ie. ‘big opportunity’. Instead of using that free text field, we strongly recommend clients define a consistent in the naming schema that CRM automatically manages those description fields.  To this end, our ID …

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The Powerful WYSIWYG field within Sage CRM

We all know how important visual cues can be.  In our Sage CRM instance (and others) we have added the ability to drop images onto the Case Summary screen.  This is the Sage CRM function we use to manage support tickets that flow between our project managers and the technicians.  If you didn’t know this possibility existed, well now you do.  And you can use …

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Sage 100 CRM Advanced Integration (Greytrix)

Of all the CRM to 100 integrations out there (Sage 100 to SFDC, Sage 100 to MS-CRM, etc.), the integration between Sage 100 and Sage CRM is the best/deepest. Below is a 2-minute user experience video, and on our Sage 100 CRM page, we have a complete breakdown of the functionality, FAQs, etc. Connecting Sage 100 with Sage CRM means we can provide customer-facing staff …

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How To Sage CRM: Finding non-standard Data Quickly

If you have had any exposure to Sage CRM at all, then you know how easy it is to look up data using either the Quick Find feature of any of the standard FINDER screens.  But what about the data that is typically trickier to look up globally such as Addresses, Documents, or Phone Numbers?  We have a solution for each of these three lookups …

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Sage CRM Advanced Outlook Integration

Accelerator is the advanced integration with MS Outlook. We use Accelerator in almost all our projects. It has a massive impact on user adoption as it makes using Sage CRM much easier. The recently updated ‘Accelerator’ page on our website breaks up the key functionality of Accelerator into digestible chunks. Demonstrations of Accelerator can be provided on request and an extensive user guide can be …

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Sage CRM Communication Tracking and Statistics

Sage CRM is great for tracking our interactions (Communications), and now we can display how long it has been since a communication was created under a Company, Case, Opportunity, or lead. Our communication statistics code show you if there are communications, how many, and how long.  This is great when you are looking at a Summary screen in CRM, but also consider using these values …

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Bird’s Eye View: Why is Sage CRM so competitive?

Why is Sage CRM getting so popular? Sage has the primary feature sets of other leading CRMs, but it has significant differences that make it a very attractive platform for many companies.   Integrates with accounting: Sage offers the full accounting/CRM solution, with pre-built integrations to Sage 50, 100, 300, and X3. So Easy to modify: While Sage CRM is a web-based application, it is physically installed on …

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DCAA Rebrand

DCAA Rebranding Annoucement We have an exciting news! After 15 years, DCAA, originally Dan Cousins & Associates, is proud to announce we are rebranding. While we have slowly been incorporating ‘My CRM Manager’ with ‘DCAA’ over the past couple of years, we are now using My CRM Manager exclusively and have implemented a new logo. You will now see the new name and logo on our website, emails, …

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