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Google Maps Recent Enhancements

The developers of Google Maps for Sage CRM have recently made a slew of very strong improvements.   The Google Maps integration is now noticeable faster to load and refresh The user can now filter for companies with opportunities or cases (jobs) There is a new filter to search for companies by name and city The integration now allows for Leads! The new Leads feature is …

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Sage CRM Breaking Sales Records

Demand for Sage CRM seemed to have gone haywire in 2020. Globally, sales of Sage CRM was up 26%, but in North America specifically, the uptick in new sites was >83%.   Why all of the sudden?  Likely a combination of factors including: The GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM (Advanced integration) certainly helped Sage NA did make an effort to talk more about Sage CRM to …

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Is losing some of its shine?

Yes, still shiny, but yes.    We have always competed against SFDC but… compete might be the wrong word.  Historically, too often organizations sign up for SFDC without really evaluating their alternatives.  The prospect might have had Sage CRM on their evaluation checklist, but we were just column fodder and they were always going with SFDC.  Over the past couple of years, the tides have …

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Editable Grids

If you have ever wanted to edit the values in a Sage CRM list quickly, then this is the solution for you. Editable Grids allows you to edit the values displaying on a list without having to open each and every record. It is an amazing time-saving feature. Once clients have the Editable Grids solution, they can use it in as many different parts of …

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The CRM4100 solution is a bi-directional real-time integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100 Contractor. This integration supports: Managing both bids and bid requests from CRM Convert/promote companies in Sage CRM to Customers or Vendors in Sage 100 Ability to define user access rights to Sage 100 data Awarding projects and creating Sage 100 Jobs from Sage CRM

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GUMU™ Sage 100 Webinar Dec 9.2020

There is definitely buzz about the GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM.  The December 9th Webinar was well attended.  Many of the larger Sage 100 partners were on hand, it was good.  For those that missed it, below is the cropped (20-minute) version.  As per all our messaging, we will help anyone interested in learning more about GUMU™, even those larger Sage 100 partners that have …

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Case Workflow

We have always been very focused on Sage CRM’s workflow engine.  It seems once clients start using this tool, they can’t get enough.   We have created a new page on our site to host various examples of workflow in play to help companies wrap their head around the feature.  Over time, we will have more and more examples. The video below is a good example …

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Planning for Sage CRM

You definitely don’t want to be underprepared as you move into a CRM initiative.  We have a video (below) we use to help people wrap their heads around how these projects should go down. It covers the highlights such as: Outlines the sequence of steps to move forward Gives you a good idea of a timeline Defines the key resources you will need to be …

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