Integrating Sage CRM with your website

Integrating Sage CRM with your website can be a practical way to eliminate duplicate entry, capture more data, and generally be more efficient.

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Integrating your Contact Us Page

Sage CRM website integration is a project we do all the time is to pull inquiries from a ‘contact us’ page into Sage – which then issues a thank you email to the submitter and notifies sales.

In our experience, this is practical if/when you are getting over 15 or 20 inquiries per month.

This type of project usually involves 3 key elements:

1. Creating the form that pulls inquiries into your Sage CRM instance. 

2. Setting up a workflow to control the progression of the lead once it arrives in Sage CRM. 

3. Configuring any related reports and dashboards. 

Adding a portal to your website

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coming in the next few days, a video about WSS.

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