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mobile access on sage crm

Accessing Sage CRM on a Mobile device

Sage CRM behaves like a website and can be accessed from your smartphone. For smartphone access, users have the 2 options outlined below. Keep in mind that your Sage CRM instance must be externally accessible for these options to work. 


MobileX is the best option for companies where mobility is very important. It is the fastest, most reliable option, and can be customized extensively. Here is the comparison guide from the publisher, CRM Together.

MobileX can be extended to include ASP pages (Sage CRM customizations).

mobile access on sage crm

MobileX is the companion product to Accelerator

Sage CRM’s MobileX component is now available for download from the iOS store. Here is the link


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At My CRM Manager, we use MobileX and recommend it to clients requiring staff to use Sage CRM from their smartphones. It is the best option for companies where mobility is very important. 

Frequently Asked Questions Sage CRM and Mobile Access

Yes. However, your Sage CRM instance must be accessible from the Internet for this to work.

In theory yes, if you forced users to connect to your VPN from their phone BEFORE accessing Sage CRM, then they would be able to access the system without an external URL for Sage CRM. However, IMO it is not practical to get outside staff to first connect to a VPN. Most humans simply would never use it if there is an additional step involved. 

MobileX is not an app. It is what is referred to as a progressive web app (PWA). It is an application that runs in your browser, but you can also save the link to MobileX as a desktop icon on your smartphone so that it feels and behaves like a native app.

MobileX is priced at USD 140 or CDN 160/user/year. You do not need subscriptions for all CRM users, just like MobileX's sister product Accelerator, you can get MobileX licenses strictly for those users that need it.

By default, the standard methods to access Sage CRM on a mobile device (MobileX or Sage's Mobile Theme) require an Internet connection. However, for some accounts that require offline access, we can create a custom app.

On a tablet, the user experience is the same as the desktop experience. Same screens, same features, etc.

MobileX User Guide

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Sage CRM's Default Mobile Theme

Without downloading any Apps, you always have the option of bringing up Sage CRM through a browser on your phone. Just enter the normal URL you use to bring up Sage CRM. Sage CRM is intelligent enough to recognize when users are accessing the system from their phones and the interface changes to better suit the small screen. Sage CRM refers to this option as the Mobile Theme. 

mobile access on sage crm
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