Sage CRM options related to mobile access

Mobile access of Sage CRM is another premium feature of Sage CRM. IF you mean tablet access, the interface and experience on a tablet is very much like the desktop experience.  IF you mean smartphone access, you have 2 options as discussed below.

Keep in mind that your Sage CRM instance must be exposed to the Internet for these options to work. 

Smartphone Option 1: Without downloading any Apps, you always have the option of bringing up Sage CRM through a browser on your phone.  Just enter the normal URL you use to bring up Sage CRM.  Sage CRM is intelligent enough to recognize when users are accessing the system from their phones and the interface changes to better suit the small screen.  Sage refers to this option as the Mobile Theme. 

Smartphone Option 2: MobileX is the best option for companies where mobility is very important.  It is the fastest, most reliable option, and can be customized extensively whereas with options 1, there is very little flexibility to the configuration.  Here is the comparison guide from the publisher, CRM Together.

This 60-second video shows the MobileX features of  (a) remembering your password, allowing for quicker, hassle-free access, and (b) allowing you take a picture of a business card and, from that picture, creating a Sage CRM record. 

At My CRM Manager, we use MobileX and recommend it to clients requiring staff to use Sage CRM from their smartphones.  It is the best option for companies where mobility is very important. 

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MobileX User Guide

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