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Sage CRM Pricing

Sage CRM Pricing Calculator

The calculator below can be used to provide a rough estimate for the software costs and implementation services required to deploy Sage CRM. Please note that the math below is in USD, but for Canadian accounts, it works out to be approximately the same.

Software Charges common to a Sage CRM Project

Below is an outline of software components that are commonly used in a Sage CRM project. Sage CRM licenses are approximately $525/user/year, but this can go to $850/user/year when you factor in popular third-party solutions that almost all Sage CRM systems use. 

  1. Sage CRM User Licenses: The monthly per-user subscription rate to use Sage CRM is based on the number of users as well as whether or not it is integrated into an accounting system or a standalone CRM system. Generally, the per-user rate falls between $40 and $44 per user per month. Regardless of how many users you have, your subscription entitles you to all documentation and training materials published by Sage as well as access to the Sage CRM support team.
  2. The integration component: The integration between Sage 300 and CRM is the only accounting integration provided by Sage at no additional cost that we typically endorse.  The integrations with Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage X3, and Intacct all require third-party software, and the prices for those integrations differ by publisher.  Please contact us with specific pricing questions related to the integration.
  3. Accelerator: This is the integration between MS Outlook and Sage CRM. This allows you to file emails (inbound or outbound) from Outlook, easier create new companies, people, deals, etc. from Outlook. It is very powerful. We strongly recommend Accelerator because it has such a dramatic impact on adoption and productivity.  Click here to learn more.  This utility is published by CRM Together.
  4. MobileX: While Sage CRM works fine from your smartphone, MobileX is the solution we use internally and recommend for our clients. MobileX is a third-party solution and also published by CRM Together. Click here to learn more. MobileX is sold as a subscription. Please contact us directly for pricing.
  5. Google Maps: The best mapping component for Sage CRM is the Google Maps integration published by S5. A complete breakdown of this solution, including pricing is found on our Google Maps page.

Implementation Charges

Sage CRM requires professional services in order to be deployed properly and adequate training must be provided. Most new clients start with our Quick Start Implementation Package which includes the technical setup, integration with your accounting system, and user training.

Server for Sage CRM

Sage CRM is not hosted by the publisher (like Zoho or, rather, it is hosted on a server the client controls (aka single tenancy or private cloud).  Sometimes clients provide their own server environment and in other situations, they elect to use a hosting facility.   

If you are planning on having Sage CRM installed on your server environment, here is a link to the hardware/software requirements for Sage CRMOur recommended minimum requirements for systems that will ultimately host 10ish users are RAM = 16GB and Processor = Equivalent to Xeon Series Quad Core with a minimum frequency > 2.8 GHz. 

If you are planning on using a host, you can provide them with the same specification as above.  Note that many of our clients have their systems hosted by a company called SOS Hosting that specializes in hosting Sage systems. You can learn more about this option on this page.

Sage CRM Pricing
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