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hosting sage systems

Hosting Sage Systems

Sage CRM resides on a server you control

While Sage CRM is a web-based application, it is hosted on a server we can directly access.  This is a distinguishing feature of Sage CRM which allows for many advantages over solutions hosted by the publisher (think, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.).  With direct access to the Sage CRM database and application files, we have almost unlimited control to modify or customize the system.  So, while the flexibility this provides is awesome, deploying Sage CRM does require the right infrastructure (i.e. a server) to host it.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Server requirements for Sage CRM vary based on several factors including the number of users accessing the system and if there are any integrations.  Here is a link to the hardware/software requirements for Sage CRM.  Generally speaking though,  for systems that will ultimately host 10ish users, our suggestions for minimum requirements are RAM = 16GB and Processor = Equivalent to Xeon Series Quad Core with a minimum frequency > 2.8 GHz.

No Server - No Problem

If your organization does not already have a server, you may want to consider using a server host such as Azure, AWS, or SOS Hosting. We use and highly recommend SOS.  This company specializes in hosting Sage systems; including Sage CRM systems that integrate with Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage Enterprise (previously X3).  SOS hosts our Sage CRM instance as well as the systems for several of our clients.  SOS has proven to be a professional, accommodating, and responsive partner. To get an understanding of the costs involved in having your system hosted, you can use this online pricing calculator provided by SOS.

About SOS Hosting

SOS provides secure accommodation for hosting all your software applications along with all-inclusive application service and maintenance, and comprehensive e-business integration. SOS has a total application service provider approach with round-the-clock maintenance. As a result, they guarantee your system is monitored by specially trained technicians. Additionally, you can directly and securely access your own protected server anytime, anywhere.

Server Farm

SOS makes sure your data is secure by offering you 24/7 firewall protection. They use the latest and greatest software and hardware platforms to protect your network from possible attacks. Also, they have their own team of security personnel that monitors the activity on your server, so you stay protected all the time.

SOS Hosting consistently offers peace of mind by giving users access to the applications and tools they require to successfully run their businesses. They strive to give businesses a super speedy, extremely reliable cloud infrastructure that can consist of powerful hardware. My CRM Manager confidently recommends SOS based on the service they provide and the positive experiences we have had.

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