Outbound Email User Delegation

If your Sage CRM system has been configured for Outbound email AND users have 365 accounts, then whenever a new CRM user gets added, whomever manages your MS Exchange must remember to go into the Exchange Admin Center and enable the user’s email address  to have either SEND AS or SEND ON BEHALF rights for the crm@ address that was used to configure outbound email in Sage CRM.

This is a task for your IT Team or whomever manages your Exchange. The email address crm@ is the single address used by Sage CRM users to send emails out.

You might also want to check the other user email accounts to ensure they also have these delegation rights.

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GUMU™ Sage 100 Sage CRM Enhancements Winter 2024

There has been of flurry of feature enhancements to Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration over the past few months. 

  • Rolling 12 months
  • Relocation of GUMU™ Charts
  • Better Item Sales History
  • Product Sales Analysis

Both Item Sales History and Product Sales Analysis can be by account or across all accounts. More information can be found on My CRM Manager’s Sage 100 page

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Greytrix and MCM

In North America, My CRM Manager represents Greytrix for their GUMU™ integrations to Salesforce and Sage CRM. And, on Friday, Feb 2nd, I (Dan) met with Francis (center) and Ketan (left) from the Greytrix team in rainy New York to discuss strategy for 2024.  

Francis is the EVP of Global and Ketan is the AVP for the GUMU™ Cloud team which includes Greytrix’s Business Portal (aka BPortaly). 


Sage 100 CRM Job Costing

While there isn’t a default integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100, it is do-able and we have done this a couple of different ways in the past. In the 90-second video below, you will see 2 examples of a CRM to Job Costing integration. 

  • In Example A, data from Sage CRM is feeding the Job in Job Costing. 
  • In Example B, data from Job Costing becomes accessible from Sage CRM.

More information about the Sage 100 CRM integration can be found on the Sage 100 page of the My CRM Manager website.

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Accelerator: Modifying your Outlook Ribbon

Not seeing all the Accelerator features from your Outlook? This can be corrected by modifying your Outlook Ribbon. Watch this 2-minute video below!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sage CRM’s Outlook Plugin (Accelerator) can be found on our Accelerator page

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Newport Theme – Adding or Removing

My CRM Manager publishes an alternative UI for Sage CRM called ‘Newport’. The 2-minute video below covers the highlights. Below we have provided (1) an overview, (2) instructions on how to apply it, (3) key changes, and (4) answers to FAQs.  

1. Overview of the Newport Theme
mcm slider 3 sept 1.2023
2. Adding or Removing the Newport Theme

For the Newport theme, the icons are all coming from a CDN, so the only thing you need to do is to apply a JS file to the the CRM folders.

The Java Script file can be downloaded from this https://project-newport.b-cdn.net/install-files/projectNewport-loader.js and should be pasted into folder

After loading this js file, please reset IIS

If you want a custom logo to appear on your login screen, you will need to provide us with a png file. 

3. Changes with this theme

– Swap in legacy icons where applicable
– Created 50+ new icons to match the legacy icon style
– Added blue as a default color platform wide instead of black
– Reduced the usage of grey
– Removed borders and drop shadows to make better use of the screen real estate
– Standardized buttons on right sidebar


– New login screen- Table headers and table rows reformatted
– Table hover events to show selected row and column
– Platform wide change of typography to only use a single typeface instead of four typefaces for more cohesive design
– Reformatted page headers and menus for better readability and structure

3. Frequently asked Questions about the Newport Theme

There is no cost to use the Newport Theme

So far, only Sage CRM version 2023 is supported.

No - it is a global thing. Once applied, all users see this theme.

Just remove the css and js files from the folders mentioned above and reset IIS. That will remove the theme. 

Yes. The Newport Theme supports the GUMU integrations.

Just email inquiries@mycrmmanager.com if you have any questions. 

Sage CRM Fields, Screens, and Lists

Modifying the Fields, Screens, and Lists within your Sage CRM instance is something we want you to understand. It is easy once you get the hang of it AND hugely important since we need to profile information in a way that makes sense for your organization – and then easily see or filter for that information later on. 

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Our ID Generator utility ensures a consistent naming convention for data created in Sage CRM.  For example your opportunity descriptions. So, instead of having multiple opportunities with the same name ‘Big Deal’, it can have something more meaningful such as 23-0998 /My CRM Manager / 10.26.2023.

IDs can be applied to anything within Sage CRM, Cases, Leads, Opportunities, Equipment or whatever you are trying to track. 

In this video example we are using a schema of YY + Number for the opportunity + Company + Creation date of the opportunity, but keep in mind that this is just an example – the naming convention you pick should make sense for your organization.

My CRM Update September 2023

This message is for Sage ERP partners (100, Intacct, 300, etc.). The biggest things going on at My CRM Manager include: