Greytrix and MCM

In North America, My CRM Manager represents Greytrix for their GUMU™ integrations to Salesforce and Sage CRM. And, on Friday, Feb 2nd, I (Dan) met with Francis (center) and Ketan (left) from the Greytrix team in rainy New York to discuss strategy for 2024.  

Francis is the EVP of Global and Ketan is the AVP for the GUMU™ Cloud team which includes Greytrix’s Business Portal (aka BPortaly). 


My CRM Update September 2023

This message is for Sage ERP partners (100, Intacct, 300, etc.). The biggest things going on at My CRM Manager include:

GUMU salesforce to Sage #1 on salesforce’s App Exchange

Greytrix’s GUMU™ salesforce to Sage integration is now the top ranked integration on salesforce’s App Exchange with a 4.98 rating and over 50 reviews. Key reasons why are outlined below. 

  • Better Design,
  • Flexibility,
  • Price,
  • Service
Better Design

The GUMU™ brings key Sage accounting data into salesforce (Order and Invoice details) so that it can be used within salesforce’s native reporting features (See image below). If I am a salesperson using salesforce – this is exactly what I want!


This integration is priced per user and is independent of the number of Sage accounting companies (databases). Check out our pricing calculator. 

Salesforce users do not require a license for the Sage accounting system.


Most all companies that have an integrated system want to make changes to it – to empower users even more. The GUMU™ framework allows us to easily modify the system. Maybe you have custom fields in Sage accounting that you need in salesforce, or maybe your team is asking for specific reports (image above). These types of changes are easily accommodated with the GUMU™. 

Service & Support

The salesforce support team at Greytrix are first in class.


Show SLA panel


We have a ticketing system and cl You don’t get a 4.98 rating by dropping the ball. 

types of changes are easily accommodated with the GUMU™.