GUMU™ Sage 100 Sage CRM Enhancements Winter 2024

There has been of flurry of feature enhancements to Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration over the past few months. 

  • Rolling 12 months
  • Relocation of GUMU™ Charts
  • Better Item Sales History
  • Product Sales Analysis

Both Item Sales History and Product Sales Analysis can be by account or across all accounts. More information can be found on My CRM Manager’s Sage 100 page

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Greytrix and MCM

In North America, My CRM Manager represents Greytrix for their GUMU™ integrations to Salesforce and Sage CRM. And, on Friday, Feb 2nd, I (Dan) met with Francis (center) and Ketan (left) from the Greytrix team in rainy New York to discuss strategy for 2024.  

Francis is the EVP of Global and Ketan is the AVP for the GUMU™ Cloud team which includes Greytrix’s Business Portal (aka BPortaly). 


Sage 100 CRM Job Costing

While there isn’t a default integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100, it is do-able and we have done this a couple of different ways in the past. In the 90-second video below, you will see 2 examples of a CRM to Job Costing integration. 

  • In Example A, data from Sage CRM is feeding the Job in Job Costing. 
  • In Example B, data from Job Costing becomes accessible from Sage CRM.

More information about the Sage 100 CRM integration can be found on the Sage 100 page of the My CRM Manager website.

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Greytrix and MCM working together to help Sage ERP partners

Greytrix and My CRM Manager are making a more significant effort to help Sage ERP Partners! The email that went out on September 13th, 2023 (image below) is a good example of this union. 

Greytrix have the best integrations – but often clients and partner prefer an on-shore resource to help manage the project and this is the benefit of the Greytrix/MCM combo. 

september 13th branding from gt

My CRM Update September 2023

This message is for Sage ERP partners (100, Intacct, 300, etc.). The biggest things going on at My CRM Manager include:

Connecting 1 CRM company to multiple customer records

By default, integrated CRMs typically connect a single CRM account to a single customer (or vendor) record. Many companies would prefer a single CRM account be mapped to multiple customers and/or vendors. Our 1:Many component for Sage CRM handles this for both Sage 100 and Sage 300.