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S5Scheduler for Sage CRM

S5Scheduler for Sage CRM provides a more practical means to visualizing date specific content from Sage CRM. For example, allowing you to see a schedule of jobs for your install team OR deliverables for your outside Sales team. In the real life example below, we are displaying service jobs that have… 

  • Color coded events to reference a specific user/team/status/product/location (whatever you require)
  • The color on the far right indicates the stage of the event
  • Hovering over the S5Scheduler event displays additional details
  • In the Hover, you can drill down into the details of a event
  • Works with any Sage CRM custom entity that includes date sensitive information

S5Scheduler is perfect for companies that find the default Sage CRM calendar/scheduling features too limiting.

s5 calendars
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