Pilot Package for Sage 100 CRM, Sage 300 CRM

Evaluating Sage CRM with your data and thoroughly investigating its capacities is a great way to seriously evaluate how your organization can benefit from using Sage CRM.  

Integrate Sage CRM with your Sage 100 or 300 system for a fixed fee of $1,950 USD ($2,600 CAD). No software licensing is required during this evaluation.

Sage CRM / Sage 100 Pilot Package

  • Install Sage CRM
  • Configure the integration with Sage 100 (Greytrix version) or Sage 300
  • Integrate Sage CRM with either a Sage 100 test database or your existing live database (you decide)
  • Conduct 3 one-hour training sessions with one of our Sage CRM Project Managers


  1. What are the objectives of the Sage CRM Pilot Package?  Ultimately, the objective is to provide you with a ‘proof of concept’ system so you can properly evaluate if Sage CRM is a good fit for your organization.

  2. What can you expect to learn in the 3 one-hour training sessions? We have an agenda of important topics to go through such as (a) using Sage CRM as a communication tool, (b) profiling information, (c) using Sage CRM in conjunction with Outlook.  However, how you choose to spend the time is up to you.

  3. Are there any exclusions? Your 3 one-hour training sessions are restricted to training and strategy topics.  We cannot include ongoing emails and support for this small fixed fee engagement.

  4. Is there a time limit on the training sessions? Yes, we recommend that you complete these training sessions within 30-days from the conclusion of the technical work (installation and integration).

  5. Can we get more details on Sage CRM in advance of committing to the evaluation?  Yes, of course.  You can use the green ‘Schedule A Call Back’ button to set a time that suits you.

  6. Are we under any commitment to continue working with My CRM Manager after the evaluation?  No.

  7. What is needed to go forward? To move forward, please send us a confirmation email. We require an upfront payment and for you to complete an installation checklist before we can start the project. Once we have proper access to your environment, our technicians require two business days to install Sage CRM. After the installation and integration have been completed, we can schedule the training sessions.

  8. What happens if we take this Pilot Package and then decide to go ahead with Sage CRM? You will need to submit a software user licensing request and the appropriate license keys would need to be applied.  Any additional services (if requested) would be quoted separately.

Software Charges commonly associated to a Sage CRM project:

  1. Sage CRM User Licenses: The monthly subscription fee to use Sage CRM is based on the number of users and generally falls between $28 to $35/user/month. Regardless of how many users you have, your subscription entitles you to all documentation and training materials published by Sage as well as access to toll-free phone support. 

  2. MS SQL Licensing: Sage CRM (the application) uses MS SQL as the underlying database. To run Sage CRM, MS SQL Standard Edition is required (not SQL Express).  If you do not already have MS SQL, it is often least expensive to acquire it through Sage as Sage has an OEM agreement with Microsoft.  The SQL licensing for this is referred to as ‘Sage runtime MS SQL’.  Currently this provides us with MS SQL version 2016 Standard Edition. If required, the charge for this will come from Sage and is typically embedded in the Sage CRM subscription agreement as a separate line item.

  3. Sage 100 Integration: Beyond using Sage CRM to manage our interactions with companies and people, by connecting Sage CRM with Sage 100 we can also provide customer facing staff with the option to view accounting data and create orders. We strongly recommend the Greytrix integration and our budget on page 1 assumes you would use this Greytrix integration. The cost for the integration is $192/user/year. More information can be found on our Sage 100 page.

  4.  Accelerator: While Sage CRM comes bundled with an Outlook Plugin which allows you to file emails from Outlook into CRM, we strongly recommend the more robust Outlook integration called Accelerator. We strongly recommend Accelerator because it has such a dramatic impact on adoption and productivity.  Click here to learn more.  This utility is published by CRM Together.  The cost for this add-on is USD $140/user/year. 

  5. MobileX: There are 3 ways to use Sage CRM on your smart phones. MobileX is the solution we use internally and recommend for our clients. MobileX is also published by CRM Together. Click here to learn more. The cost for this add-on is USD $140/user/year. 
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