Sage CRM as a Communications System

Sage CRM is fundamentally Inbound communication records can be entered directly from the Sage CRM interface, or from MS Outlook, of from your phone.  They can also automatically come into Sage CRM from an email or an integration with your website.

Outbound communications can also be occur from Sage CRM.  These are typically emails your system might send out but could also be tasks for co-workers.  Sage CRM’s internal process control tools (Workflow and Escalations) can generate communications automatically when certain conditions are met.

Table of Contents

Forms of Communications

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Getting Communications into Sage CRM


Changing your Communication 'Types'

As information is collected from Outlook via the Accelerator/Mobile-X applications, it is important to categorize each touch (communication record). Here are some examples of action types that describe each communication that has been filed/recorded.  

This example image – is not typical, but does illustrate that ‘how’ you profile communications is up to you.

Working with MS Outlook

We connect Sage CRM with MS Outlook using a tool called Accelerator.  Here is a quick 90-second overview video.  

Accelerator is a very powerful tool used by almost all our clients.  More information about Accelerator can be found on this page.

Measuring Communications

Often, clients use Sage CRM to measure how often (or not) they interact with their customers, prospects, and suppliers.  This 

Instructional Video

The video below walks you through all of the key functionality within Sage related to managing the back-and-forth between users and the people these users engage within the course of operations.

Accelerator User Guide

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