sage crm mobile device access

Sage CRM Mobile Device Access

What are your options when it comes to Sage CRM on mobile devices?

Well, Sage CRM mobile device access is complicated. Let’s make it less complicated by separating out handheld devices from tablets. Because on a tablet, the interface and experience is very much like the desktop experience. From a smartphone, you have 3 choices.

Option 1: Access On A Mobile Browser

Without downloading any Apps, you always have the option of bringing up Sage CRM through a browser on your phone. Just enter the normal URL you use to bring up Sage CRM. Sage CRM is intelligent enough to recognize when users are accessing the system from their phones and the interface changes to better suit the small screen. Sage refers to this option as the Mobile Theme.

Option 2: Access On Apps
There are also apps for iPhones and Android devices. These Apps allow for offline access too, as data is effectively synchronizing with your phone. These apps are free to download but the feedback I hear is that the functionality is restricted and can leave users wanting more.

Option 3: Access On MobileX
This option is popular for companies where mobility is very important. Some of the key differences with this option include the ability for the user to view their pipeline and the ability to upload files or photos. MobileX can also be customised extensively whereas with options 1 & 2, there is not much that can be changed.
Sage has some decent documentation comparing the experience between tablets, the Mobile Theme and the Apps. This link brings up the latest software support matrix and if you jump to page 11, you will find the comparison. Sage’s comparison excludes MobileX but you can download the MobileX brochure from this link.

If your mobile users are giving you any grief about viewing and recording data easily into Sage CRM while they are on the road, MobileX is the best option.

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