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Outline of Responsibilities for your Internal CRM Admin

Most all Sage CRM customers have an internal resource (we say CRM Administrator) that (a) has administrative rights, and (b) understands Sage CRM at a deeper level than end-users. This is an important role as issues and requests from end-users flow through this individual(s). This person is typically the first person concerns pass through before reaching out to your defined My CRM Manager project manager.

While technically speaking there is nothing your internal CRM administrator is unable to do with these administrative rights, in practice, there are some items/tasks that do not occur frequently enough for your administrator(s) to be comfortable doing. And each individual is different, etc. Below is a general outline of our expectations of what your CRM Administrator should be able to do (with training) versus what your My CRM Manager project manager will tackle.

Your Internal Administrator...

My CRM Manager...

  • Create new fields
  • Edit Summary screen (unless you have validation rules on your Summary screen, then ask your PM)
  • Add to selection fields
  • Create reports
  • Create dashboard and gadgets
  • Edit dashboards
  • Edit grid or list
  • Edit Find screen
  • Move tabs
  • Create email templates
  • Create Users
  • Disable Users
  • Reassign records to Users
  • Map Salesperson Codes to Sage 100 Users
  • Import Customers
  • Import Inventory
  • Update Sage 100 Security Matrix
  • Merge records
  • Delete records
  • Create and edit workflows
  • Add a new tab
  • Add validation rules to fields
  • Edit Quote template
  • Edit Quote or Order Summary screen
  • Edit Quote or Order New Line Item screen
  • Edit Find Inventory
  • Mass Updates
  • Data uploads
  • Edit Accelerator screens
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