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My CRM Manager and DSD

In September of 2022, My CRM Manager began operating as a branch office for DSD Business Systems, referred to as DSD Etobicoke. My CRM Manager will continue to market ourselves using the My CRM Manager brand. This change strictly impacts the processing of Sage software licensing orders and Sage software renewals.

Founded in 1984 in San Diego, DSD was built on the idea of solving problems with technology in brand-new ways. With 45 offices in North America, DSD has served over 9000 companies in North America. 

DSD Terms for Sage licensing

Sage Software: The clauses below are standard clauses with DSD related to ordering Sage software and are now included in My CRM Manager’s standard proposals.

  1. All sales are final.
  2. Only Sage software is being purchased from DSD Etobicoke. All other services will be provided by My CRM Manager and only My CRM Manager is responsible for the quality of those services.
  3. Software is warranted by the software publisher, the terms of which are attached to the software at the time of delivery. DSD hereby otherwise disclaims warranty.
  4. Under no circumstances will DSD Etobicoke be responsible for incidental or consequential damages incurred by the end-user if the software fails to perform to specifications. The maximum limit of liability is the net software purchase price. DSD Etobicoke is not responsible for meeting unstated requirements or performing in some manner not specified in a written, signed agreement between the Parties. DSD Etobicoke is not responsible for the use of software in an environment not compatible with the supported platform of the software as outlined by the software publisher.

DSD Corporate Accounts

My CRM Manager is contractually bound to not provide services or third-party solutions directly to DSD Corporate accounts. If your organization lists DSD as your Sage partner of record, and you reach out to My CRM Manager for support, we may not be able to assist. 

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