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Getting Emails into Sage CRM – 3 options

Most commonly, users consciously decide on which emails get filed into Sage CRM. The easiest way to do this is to file emails into using Accelerator. Additionally, clients can leverage the Advanced Email Management feature which automatically pulls emails into CRM.

Filing emails into Sage CRM from Outlook

Almost all our clients use Accelerator (Advanced integration between Sage CRM and MS Outlook). Accelerator makes it easy to file emails against the correct record in Sage CRM, maybe against a job, opportunity, or strictly under the person record in CRM.

When filing emails, users can overwrite the subject line AND label the documents attached emails. 

Advance Email Management

Using this feature, Sage CRM automatically picks up emails sent to a specific address (inquiries@) and can trigger something to happen. 

An example would be, all emails submitted to can automatically come into Sage CRM and create a support issue (ticket/job/case). For accounts that deal with lots of warrantees, support issues, or inquiries, this can be very practical. 

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