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Interview with Anthony Volpe of LLB Group

The LLB Group in Philadelphia is having great success with the GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM. In this interview, Anthony covers a lot. Normally I would never publish such a long video, but there was so much gold in here that, really there was no way to make the video shorter. 

Backstory – Anthony and The LLB Group had experience with Sage CRM, but they always used the default (free) version of the integration published by Sage.  After seeing my presentation on the GUMU™ at the July 28th Sage CRM user conference, he reached out to me to help him gain a deeper understanding of the integration.  And I provided him with just that, including a presentation to one of the LLB Group’s customers.  Anthony was able to take that knowledge and run with it.  Now they have several clients (from just the past few months) using the GUMU™ and Anthony seems very pleased with how this has all shaped up.

If you are a Sage 100 partner that is interested in the GUMU™ but concerned about the risk of learning something new, please watch this video! 

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