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New 100/300 partner page

More and more Sage 100/300 partners are leveraging us as a Sage CRM resource. Not just for sales calls/demos but also for webinars (Eide Bailly, CS3, Asyma ++) and web-site content.  Also, our new Sage CRM explainer video is appearing on partner websites.

We have a new 1-pager that outlines the Sage CRM sales and marketing help we can provide to Sage partners. Please take a look: Sage Accounting Partners – My CRM Manager

In a perfect world (for Sage CRM and me), more partners would bring me in to demo Sage CRM and the integration to 100 or 300 whenever they are pitching the accounting system. Demoing Sage CRM is easy for us, and it typically helps improve the 100 partner’s chances for the sale. Over the past 60-days, we have done this for 6 different Sage 100 partners. 

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Sage CRM Roadmap

Take a look at what Sage has planned for the next few years! (to 2024). This page also allows you to submit ideas for improvement.

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