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Quick Start Implementation Plan

Companies do really cool things with Sage CRM.  This can include leveraging the process automation features, creating new screens, apply sophisticated screen level scripting, etc.  The options are almost endless. 

Too often, with new projects the client insists that these features exist before going live with Sage CRM. Sometimes this is appropriate, however building out these features can delay the strong ROI companies gain by just using the fundamentals features of Sage CRM. Sometimes it makes the most sense to ‘just use it’.

The objective of our Quick Start Implementation Package is to get clients up and running right away with a strong handle on the basics of Sage CRM. This package includes all the initial technical work as well as some key features that focus on adoption. 

Quick Start Timeline

This Quick Start approach was introduced to us by Ralph at Timespare, the goto partner for Sage CRM in Germany. It seems obvious now…but it took Ralph several attempts to get this through to me.  Thank you Ralph!

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