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Sage CRM Communication Tracking and Statistics

Sage CRM is great for tracking our interactions (Communications), and now we can display how long it has been since a communication record was created under a Company, Case, Opportunity, or lead. 

Our communication statistics code shows you if there are communications, how many, and how long.  This is great when you are looking at a Summary screen in CRM, but also consider using these values in a dashboard.  For instance, a gadget showing your sales staff all their ‘A’ level accounts that haven’t been contacted within the last 90-days.  100% do-able.

Communication Statistics B

Clients with this code can choose from different ways to measure the key statistics.  Some companies want the values to reflect when a communication was created, others want the ‘Date Last Comm’ to reflect the scheduled date, and still, others want it to show when the last communication was created or edited.  When setting this up we can also set it to exclude certain communications, such as communications created automatically from a workflow or esclation rule. 

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