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Sage CRM Marketing Fundamentals

Sage CRM has, maybe the best features of all top-tier CRM solutions when it comes to segmenting your data and creating groups. Best because it is so easy to do with Sage CRM.

We have broken down the marketing functions within Sage CRM on this page of the My CRM Manager website, providing short videos and examples on the following topics.  

  1. Profiling
  2. Sorting through your data
  3. Using Groups
  4. Working with Mailchimp
  5. Leveraging email templates
  6. Connecting Sage CRM to your website
  7. Campaign Management
  8. Running Analytics


Don’t skimp on these fundamental steps when initially configuring your Sage CRM instance. While it might not be a top priority initially, it doesn’t take long and will have a massive impact later, when you are ready to leverage the data.

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