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We specialize in Sage CRM implementations and services. Sage CRM is highly customizable, incredibly fast, and very extendible to meet all your organizational needs.

Salesforce Services & Support

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Helping organizations get more organized using Salesforce is what we are all about. 

We offer the full range of services related to the GUMU Salesforce to Sage integration, from direction all the way to development and support. Our processes (and success rate) are different than other partners in the community due to our extensive experience in the CRM industry and strategic approach to implementation.


MCM is the point of contact between you and Greytrix with the convenience of North American time zones.

We work with you to understand your Salesforce needs and work with Greytrix to find the best course of action to address those needs.

We save you precious time by corresponding with Greytrix and updating you with emails and meetings when needed.

How We Help

We create a workbook to document our processes and videos as we go along that can be used for staff training.

We test the customizations for you, troubleshoot, problem solve and present the results in the final stages for your review.

We aim to provide clarity and a better overall experience to the end user – resulting in more recognition for the GUMU™ Salesforce integrations.

Get an accurate budget for the software costs and implementation services required to deploy either Sage CRM or the GUMU™ Salesforce integration.

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