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Hosted Sage CRM integrated with Sage 100, EM, Intacct

We are pleased to announce that our recent partnership with Greytrix brings a brand-new Sage CRM hosted offering. Our goal is to present a subscription pricing plan which provides a “plug and play” solution for Sage 100, Sage Enterprise Management (EM), and Sage Intacct customers, making it a better alternative against all the cloud CRM providers like, Dynamics 365, Zoho and Sugar CRM. Subscription pricing starts at $125 per user per month and includes Sage CRM licensing, hosting, Greytrix’s GUMU™ integration with accounting, along with exhaustive support & services options.

Why are Greytrix and My CRM Manager doing this?  While Sage CRM has a web-based architecture, clients do require a server to host Sage CRM and often working through your IT team to make a server available is simply not practical.  By providing a hosted Sage CRM solution, integrated with Sage accounting, we are expanding the market for Sage CRM but also providing a solution that other mainstream CRM providers do not offer.

Who is the target audience? Organizations ready to systemize but not interested in hosting Sage CRM themselves.

How is this different from subscribing to  Good question. While both applications serve the same overall objective, they are completely different solutions. Sage CRM’s key strength is its workflow engine, which can be used to systemize processes. Additionally, this offer includes integration with accounting.  

Can I migrate from to Sage CRM and then opt for this solution? Yes, migrating your data from SalesForce is a simple job for the Greytrix migration team.  

What are the benefits of Greytrix’s GUMU™ integration between Sage CRM and Sage accounting solutions?  Greytrix’s integrations with Sage 100, Enterprise Manager and Intacct offer seamless, bi-directional integration with the following key functions:

  • Users can view customer records
  • New customers can be promoted from Sage CRM to accounting
  • From the customer record in Sage CRM, users can view order and invoice history and purchasing patterns
  • CRM users can create Quotes and Orders that leverage inventory
  • Approved Orders can flow directly into the accounting system’s Order Entry module

What does this rate include?  The per-user rate includes hosting fees, Sage CRM licensing, and ongoing day-to-day support from a Sage CRM application specialist.  The rate also includes applying upgrades to your Sage CRM system.

Are there any other costs?  Yes.  Because every Sage CRM system is set up uniquely for the end customer, there is an initial implementation fee. And while the rate includes training and support, customizations to Sage CRM and services related to setting up Sage CRM’s workflow engine are quoted separately. Additionally, the $125 per user rate also excludes third-party products such as Accelerator (aka the advanced Outlook integration).

How does this impact the subscription to Sage 100, EM or Intacct?  It does not. Users in Sage CRM are distinct from Sage accounting systems.  Users in Sage CRM do not consume a license for accounting.

Can we still do all of this but still host Sage CRM on our own servers?  Yes.

How can I learn more?  To schedule a discussion and review this solution in detail, please email or

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