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When is Sage CRM a bad fit?


Sage CRM isn’t for everyone. And even if the prospect is super keen, it still might not be a fit. The 2 items below help me quickly disqualify companies early in the sales cycle.

Too small to justify Sage CRM

Sage CRM is rarely a fit for companies requiring less than 6-users. The reason is, for smaller implementations, companies have a harder time justifying the upfront investment required for Sage CRM. Globally, the average Sage CRM implementation is 12-users. IMO, companies qualified for Sage CRM exceed each of these 3 minimum thresholds:

  • Minimum of 15 total staff
  • Gross revenue exceeds 3m/year
  • Require 6+ users in the system 

*While I have had many, many projects that had <6-user licenses, they invariably fail to develop into a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship (they don’t stick). However, there have also been lots of great accounts where the company originally thought Sage would be applicable for the 5-sales users, but then after seeing it in action decided to have additional staff use the system. That is why I ask about the total employee count. 

Only want a CRM hosted by the publisher

Some companies I speak to are firmly in the camp of ‘I don’t want anything other than a solution hosted by the publisher‘. For those people, Sage is not a fit as Sage CRM is a private cloud (single tenancy solution). While over half of our Sage CRM systems reside ‘in the cloud’, a server must be provided or organized for Sage CRM. I have never been successful at swaying anyone that has the ‘must be hosted by the publisher’ mindset. 

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