Sage CRM Website IntegrationHaving some sort of form on your website is common these days. Where does your form go once it’s been filled out, though? Do you have a quick and easy process in the back end? Thanks to Sage CRM’s Website Integration, handling inquiries behind the scenes is very practical. With this feature, you’ll have all the tools necessary to make everything run smoothly for your business.

Sage CRM’s Website Integration


The Website Integration tool has three parts:

  1. You can have a customized version of your inquiry form, adding any elements you want.
  2. You can have alerts and the workflow of the incoming inquiries.
  3. There are reports and dashboards available to show trends and any outstanding leads, or leads that have not yet been dealt with.

Inquiry Form

With Sage CRM’s Website Integration, you have the ability to create your inquiry form as you like. This means you get to include whatever information you would like to have customers fill out. Then, once the customer has filled out the form, it is automatically fed into Sage. The customer will then receive a confirmation, or ‘thank you,’ email for their submission.

Alerts and Workflow

After the form has been submitted, you can then set up any alerts or notifications you would like staff to receive. For example, you can have certain managers receive a notification letting them know a form has been submitted, or you can have them receive an alert when a form has been sitting untouched for too long. As for workflow, you can organize the process as you see fit. If you so choose, you can have people screen each lead as they come in before they assign them to the next person. Then, if they decide the lead should be deleted, they can do so and put an explanation as to why they terminated it.

Reports and Dashboards

The reports and dashboards are a clean display of everything you need to know about past and current inquiries. Here, you’ll see trends in leads to help you better understand how everything is working.

Web Self-Service

Sage CRM’s also offers a custom portal called Web Self-Service.  This is a free add-on feature with Sage CRM which allows clients or partners to log into your CRM system through a portal on your website. They can then interact with it as needed. For example, if they need a ticket created during off hours, they can sign in themselves and create one. Sales staff can also sign in and view their commissions, so it’s a convenient way for companies to organize information.

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