DCAA Rebrand

DCAA Rebranding Annoucement

We have an exciting news! After 15 years, DCAA, originally Dan Cousins & Associates, is proud to announce we are rebranding. While we have slowly been incorporating ‘My CRM Manager’ with ‘DCAA’ over the past couple of years, we are now using My CRM Manager exclusively and have implemented a new logo. You will now see the new name and logo on our website, emails, forms, and blogs. We believe the new name is better aligned with our business and clearly defines our expertise. Since opening for business in 2004, managing Sage CRM projects has been the exclusive goal of Dan Cousins, Owner & President. This singular focus has provided him with an extraordinary understanding of Sage CRM and a strategic focus on being proficient in managing projects. The new name, My CRM Manager, now accurately represents that focus.

Our new logo illustrates an emphasis on ‘My CRM’, meaning the client’s CRM is our priority, and exhibits the flexibility of Sage CRM (notice the rounded font and corners). We love the new look!

In addition to rebranding, we are growing our team and have brought on two new project managers in the past year. Each of our project managers brings a unique background and perspective. Their skill sets and past work experiences have easily transferred over to managing Sage CRM projects.

So, while we have a new name, logo, and growing team, our goal is still to provide expert advice and superior service to our Sage CRM clients, whether that means implementing a standalone CRM or integrating it with an existing accounting system.

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