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What is Sage CRM?

Support Options for Sage CRM

Support for your Sage CRM software can come in various forms, so let’s review the options . . . 


If you would like to solve the issue yourself there is a ton of information out there. You can search and browse documentation and videos related to Sage CRM and its integrations from this link: From here, you can access user and administrator help files by Sage CRM version. Additionally, the Sage CRM community is a great resource. You can access the community forum using this link: Here you will find both the end-user and partner communities as well as a knowledge base and a directory of eLearning options. 

Training Videos: 

If you think watching a video might help you, there are several videos on Sage CRM’s video channel can also access this link from the Help Center mentioned above ( There are also videos on this website that equally helpful while being quick and to the point.

Tech Support for Sage CRM: 

If your organization already has Sage CRM, then your subscription includes support through the Sage CRM Support Department.  You can go online and register for a call back using the online scheduler feature.  The Sage CRM support department is an instrumental part of our system at DCAA. Just like end-user companies, we also sometimes need to call support. When you call the support line, you will need to provide your Sage Client ID number (this is a 10-digit number that normally starts with a 4). 


If you are an end-user company be aware that phone support representatives do not provide planning, training or customization services. Support representative do not get into discussions about designing a Sage CRM workflow to match your organization’s unique requirements.   The tech support department is good for somethings, but the intention is that end-using companies work directly with a partner.

Sage CRM Strategy and Customization: 

Do you want to speak to an expert who can listen and give you personalized assistance? Sage has a small army of partners that specialize in helping companies with Sage CRM – that’s where we come in.  Since 2004, helping organizations with their Sage CRM systems and strategies has been the exclusive purpose of what we do at DCAA. This singular focus over the past 14+ years gives us a unique and experienced perspective. We are exceptionally effective at making projects successful and have a methodical, proven approach.  From designing strategies and workflows that make sense to following through with proper training, we are your best option for Sage CRM direction and support.

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