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Sage CRM Field Service

Sage CRM Field Service offers a flexible way to manage the flow of jobs between inside staff, field service workers, and your customers. Users can update jobs using an Android or iPhone App to update jobs, collect signatures, produce reports, and more. 

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field service

Sage CRM Field Service is flexible and can integrate with your Sage 100, 500, X3, or Intacct accounting systems.

The system requires some setup but is easy for users and has a deep feature set.


  • Create Jobs
  • Assign and Schedule Resources
  • Associates Assets, Equipment, and Parts to the Job
  • Adjustable Workflow to suit your unique process
  • Capture Digital Signature upon completion of the job
  • Track Communications and Documents related to the Job
  • Record Before and After Images
  • Capture Payment Information


  • Fast reliable updates on all jobs, from all parties involved 
  • Faster processing times
  • More transparency on the job
  • Provides a complete and easily accessible history of all transactions

Recording Incoming Jobs

Jobs can be created in Sage CRM in a variety of ways.

  • Entered the job directly into Sage CRM from the desktop interface
  • Create a job directly from MS Outlook
  • Jobs can be created from an action on your website or from an inbound email. IE –
  • Jobs can be created from the App used by the field service technician

Managing Jobs

Sage CRM flexibility allows you to profile and progress jobs in your format. You can stick to the fundamentals or adjust the system as required.

  • Assign and Schedule Resources
  • Associates Assets, Equipment, and Parts to the Job (if applicable)
  • Adjustable Workflow to suit your unique process

Updating Jobs from the Field

Staff can readily access and update the job from their mobile devices (Android or iPhone).

  • Lookup a job
  • Add Parts
  • Create an order
  • Attach Images
  • Capture a signature
  • Capture payment information

Greytrix In The Field

Field Service is a solution provided by Greytrix. Greytrix has been a Sage CRM development partner for over 20 years and has an excellent reputation within the global Sage Community. 

Greytrix also publishes the GUMU™ 100 CRM integration as well as the default integrations between Sage CRM and Sage 500, Sage X3, and Sage Intacct. 

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