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How we work with Sage Partners

It is becoming increasingly more common that Sage accounting partners will reach out to us for general product information or for assistance in presenting Sage CRM to their existing customers or prospects. We always try to be helpful regardless of the type of relationship the Sage accounting partner is seeking. The type of relationship typically reflects whether the accounting partner wants to be in the business of supporting Sage CRM or not.

When the partner does not want to be in the Sage CRM support business

In these situations, the accounting reseller will generally introduce us as the Sage CRM expert and a third party. In these situations we are managing the sale, generating any quotations, as well as providing the services should the client move forward. When an order is placed with Sage for Sage CRM licensing, it is placed by the accounting VAR unless the accounting VAR specifically asks for My CRM Manager to be the ROR and process the order.

When the partner wants to be in the Sage CRM support business

For Sage partners that are already Sage CRM partners or who want to develop their own Sage CRM practice, we can help them too. 

Any partner is welcome to leverage any of the information on our website, including users guides for Mailchimp, Accelerator, the Sage 100 integration, or otherwise. Additionally, we can provide demonstrations for any of the accounting integrations, s5Maps, Accelerator, or anything else.  

Our policy has always been to be helpful to other Sage partners. This is true even if the partner will be quoting the client and doing the service work directly. In these situations, we are strictly acting as a sales resource.

IMPORTANT: At My CRM Manager, we do not sell or support anything other than Sage CRM and the integrations between Sage CRM and Sage accounting systems. A full listing of Sage CRM support options is found on this page.

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