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What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM facts every Sage employee should know!

I recently had the opportunity to provide Sage’s Business Development team with training related to Sage CRM. It went over well, and the best bits I wanted to repost here. You can download the training guide we provided and below are some quick facts that all Sage staff should know.

  1. Sage CRM is a communications system used by over 17,000 companies around the world.
  2. Sage CRM is a non-industry-specific, general-purpose communications system.
  3. On average, companies that use it have 12 users accessing the system.
  4. It consistently ranks as a top 5 CRM solution.
  5. It always gets the CRM industry’s ‘best overall value’ award.
  6. Sage CRM integrates with the full lineup of Sage accounting systems including 50, 100, 300, 500, X3, and Intacct.
  7. Globally, Sage CRM sales have increased by >26% each of the last 2 years. So – NCA was up 26% in 2020 and this year it is on track to do the same or better.
  8. Beyond the fundamentals that all CRMs typically have, companies generally use Sage CRM to solve different process problems that they have. It has excellent automation features that can be used to control how information flows through different individuals or different departments. For example, how Jobs, Customer Service issues, or Opportunities are managed.
  9. Sage CRM is not hosted by Sage. Rather the client hosts their own instance. This distinction means that, unlike competing systems (all other CRMs), Sage gives the client ultimate control and ownership of the system and their data.
Most used Links
  1. A general overview of Sage CRM: Sage CRM Overview – My CRM Manager
  2. Listing of the accounting integrations and the details of those integrations: Sage CRM and Accounting Integration – My CRM Manager
  3. Integration with MS Outlook: Outlook Integration (Accelerator 2021) – My CRM Manager
  4. Sage CRM pricing calculator (for estimates only): Cost for Sage CRM – My CRM Manager – Pricing Calculator
  5. Here is a link to the hardware/software requirements for Sage CRM. Our suggestions for minimum requirements for systems that will ultimately host 10ish users are: RAM = 16GB and Processor = Equivalent to Xeon Series Quad Core with a minimum frequency > 2.8 GHz.  Additionally, this Pre-Installation Checklist for Sage CRM outlines what the CRM team will require in terms of access and cooperation from your IT team.

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