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Sage CRM Breaking Sales Records

Demand for Sage CRM seemed to have gone haywire in 2020. Globally, sales of Sage CRM was up 26%, but in North America specifically, the uptick in new sites was >83%.  

Why all of the sudden?  Likely a combination of factors including:

  1. The GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM (Advanced integration) certainly helped
  2. Sage NA did make an effort to talk more about Sage CRM to their channels last year
  3. COVID was cause for many business owners to re-tool their systems, and come up with practical solutions to connect remote staff
  4. IMO many companies are actively seeking alternatives to SFDC  

Regardless of the reasons for this massive swing, it is great news for the Sage community and only a sign of things to come.  

Sage CRM Crushing it

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