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Sage CRM Customizable Workflow Engine March 2017

Company organization and communication is important, especially when it comes to the flow of tasks through a department or between multiple departments. You might already have a system when it comes to how things work in your company. What if bringing in a new workflow engine throws off your groove? That’s not something you need to worry about with Sage CRM’s Customizable Workflow Engine.


Sage CRM’s workflow engine allows you to have complete transparency over a specific department or job. You are given the tools you need to set up tightly controlled systems for how information moves through the different departments within your company. It’s entirely up to you how that information will move, where it will go, and the process people will need to take as they send it on its way.


You will never have to change the way you do things within your company to be able to use Sage CRM’s Workflow Engine. That’s because it’s completely customizable. With this system, you can bend the software around your company’s requirements. If you need people to enter information at certain points, then that’s what Sage will make sure happens. If you want, you can require them to upload a document before they can proceed to the next step. However you want it to be, that’s how you make it.


Not only can you control how information flows through departments, but you can also control how users within those departments communicate with each other. If necessary, you can have Sage CRM send a notification to a specific user when their input is required on a job or a task. Or have them log in when something is simply ready for their review. You can also have it alert customers when certain conditions on their request have been met.

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